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6 – Benefits of replacing old model furnaces with new ones

by Dr Prem Community Writer
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Some of today’s home improvement projects are just like putting extra money in the bank. This is especially the case for those installations that are not only meant to enhance the family’s quality of life but also save significant sums of money when they choose the right types of upgrades. Therefore, when you want your entire family to benefit from the work that is being done, you need to take special care in selecting the areas in your home that need improvement the most, including projects that involve replacing an old furnace with a new one.

With that being said, here are 6 top benefits of replacing your older model furnaces with one of the latest updated models in the industry, according to the Affordable Comfort furnace repair Taylor MI pros.

1. Homeowner’s furnace meet U.S. Department of Energy Standards

replacing furnace

If you are using your older model heating systems in your home, you may be pleased to know that there are newer models in heating systems that are much more advanced. Even though your older model heating system may be great for keeping your family comfortable throughout the cold winter seasons but they are not energy efficient enough to keep down the highly expensive energy bills that you receive. In fact, since May 2013, new standards were issued by the U.S. Department of Energy to address a variety of different concerns, particularly the high levels of energy loss by the older models and those that are to be designed in the future. In short, this means that all of the newer model furnaces cannot be made without the higher efficiency specs in mind. For instance, when the new and more recent model furnaces are installed in your home, your family can benefit significantly from better control in circulating the heat throughout each room. This is because the newer furnaces must be capable of converting its fuel into heat at a ratio of at least 80% (new standards – no more than 20% loss in fuel consumption while operating).

Additionally, even though a 20% loss of fuel is still much higher than most people may actually want, the newer standards that have been set by the U.S. Department of Energy are much better than the older models that convert fuel to heat at a rate of only 65%. In these scenarios, the fuel that is lost in the older models is as high as 35%. Hence, to provide better control of efficiency in the newer furnaces, you and your family will automatically begin to save more on your energy bills by investing in heating systems that follow these new standards.

2. The Newer Model Furnaces Offers significant Savings for those of you that make this investment

When you make an investment in the new home furnaces, you may expect huge savings right away. This is because the newer model savings can easily grab your attention when you need added energy savings. However, as you make your decision to buy, there are a number of different factors that need to be considered first. For instance, when you buy the latest models, there may be a delay in actually seeing the savings in your pocket. This delay is normally due to the fact that newer model efficiencies will eventually pay for itself. Normally, the timeframe that’s usually communicated to the homeowner is around three years. After such time, homeowners and their families can begin to put the extra utility cost savings in their own pockets.

Additionally, before you begin to tally up what you should be pulling out of the bank to make these changes, you need to also consider the price of the construction and the associated cost for the materials involved. For instance, when a home furnace contractor installs the new model, they may need to perform work that requires them to install additional CVC vent pipes since they are usually needed for the high-efficiency furnaces. This added cost is also considered to be the upfront cost that you can benefit greatly from later on in energy savings.

3. New Heating Systems Provide Advancement and Improvements in Airflow

replacing furnaceAs manufacturers begin to correct the deficiencies in the older model, they are also working to eliminate issues that can affect your family’s overall health. With the use of newer heating solutions that work by variable speed motors, the airflow in your home is expected to be a lot more uniform in each room. The uniformity in airflow and the latest upgrades in the home’s filtration systems are beneficial for a number of different reasons and purposes. For instance, the heat that is generated in the newer furnaces will assist in removing all of the dust, allergens, mildew, mold, and any other impurities that it is normally in the air. These newer model furnaces are great for the entire family since they can help in reducing the number of allergies that many families suffer from.

4. Designed to Be Better for the Environment

Manufacturers’ newer model furnaces are being designed for a number of different reasons. One of the most important is keeping the air and the environment cleaner. This is because the newer furnaces will lose less fuel, while also helping to conserve on the earth’s natural fuel heating resources. Therefore, for those of you who are concerned about the pollutions in your local city and state, you can support these clean environmental initiatives by investing in the newer model heating systems as soon as you have the opportunity.

5. The Newer Model Furnaces Designed to Save money by lasting longer

replacing furnaceWhen you and your family choose the newer heating systems, you will also have an opportunity to benefit from the durability and longevity of these latest designs. Unlike the older heating systems, they are now being built to hold up and withstand the chemical build-up that affects its aging. This is because the higher efficiency heating systems come with built-in functions that automatically remove this build-up and moisture that adversely affects the inside of the heat exchanger. Also, these particular models will also come with the appropriate warranties that back up the manufacturers’ design.

6. Noise from the Newer Heating Systems Almost Non-Existent

If you do not like waking up to the loud irritating sounds of your heating systems kicking itself on and off during the night, you will definitely like the added benefits of the newer versions that meet the U.S. Department of Energy’s latest specifications. With the newer technological advancements, designers have made enhancements that use sound-absorbing materials and innovations in the heating systems gas valves. These newer features are said to be virtually noise-free.

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