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6 – Benefits of Studying To Become a Chemist

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Become a Chemist

Are you thinking of a lucrative and fulfilling career to pursue? Do you want to make an impact on your community with the job you do? If so, you may want to consider becoming a chemist. On the other hand, you may already be a professional in a chemistry-related industry and are looking for ways to improve and further your career. If so, there are benefits to taking further studies in the field of chemistry. Here are the advantages of studying to become a chemist, as well as to further your knowledge in the field:

1.   You equip yourself with knowledge in the central science of chemistry.

Become a Chemist

Chemistry is often called the central science. The main reasoning behind this is that almost all the other branches of science are connected through chemistry. From medicine to engineering, chemistry is always at the core of the field. The study of chemistry is likewise instrumental in the milestones achieved in natural history, space exploration, energy production, and materials design.

When you study to become a chemist, you are learning a whole set of subjects that will be relevant in many professions that you may decide to pursue in the future. 

2.   A degree in chemistry opens up a wide variety of career opportunities for you. 

Due to chemistry’s close interaction with almost all branches of science both in the research and application sectors, your chemistry-related course such as those available at the University of California Riverside will open up many doors for you in the professional world. Industries concerning healthcare such as medicine and pharmaceuticals require chemists to study the causes of health issues, and formulate countermeasures in order to prevent the spread of diseases.

In the automotive and aerospace industries, chemists are depended upon to develop new lightweight materials that can withstand the increasing demands in performance, as well as to formulate new fuels with higher energy densities. As another example, chemistry is required in the construction industry. More and more professionals are calling for efficient building materials in terms of strength-to-weight ratio and speed of use.

A bachelor’s degree in chemistry will give you the edge to engage in today’s competitive job market, where the demand for chemists is as strong as ever. More importantly, having post-graduate degrees in chemistry will further boost your competitiveness and will open up more opportunities for you to be eligible for management roles or research lead positions. You will likewise be qualified to head operations in food, beverage, consumer chemicals, and pharmaceuticals manufacturing.

3.   You can command a high salary after you finish your degree.

You can command a high salary Due to the increasing demand for chemists worldwide and in many industries, you will benefit from receiving good financial rewards. On average, chemists with bachelor degrees earn about 30 to 40 percent higher than the national average wage index of any specified period. If you hold a Masters degree, you’ll earn even higher due to the additional management and leadership responsibilities that you’ll be qualified to take on. 

4.   Chemistry functions as a good pre-medicine degree. 

Aside from the practical considerations that the subjects being covered in chemistry are prerequisite subjects in medicine, a lot of the knowledge, practices, and discipline being instilled in studying chemistry. It will be beneficial should you decide to study and practice medicine in the future.

Much of the research done concerning the human body digs deep into the chemical reactions that happen continuously inside our bodies. A deep understanding of chemistry will help you analyze and develop new medical discoveries.

The research practices and habits taught in chemistry will also help develop your inquisitive and investigative skills, which are all invaluable in medicine—both for researchers and practitioners alike. 

5.      Studying chemistry opens up new research opportunities.

new research opportunities

Most chemists work in the research and development arm of companies in a wide range of industries. Being a chemist gives you the chance to be at the cutting edge of the development of new technologies—from semiconductors, renewable energy, to aerospace.

A chemistry degree will give you the flexibility to choose which field you’re passionate about and how you can contribute, whether this be in the form of development of solutions or analysis of test results. Being involved in the research, development, and testing of new technology is very rewarding and empowering. 

6.   You can contribute to the development of safety measures for your community. 

A lot of new technology being developed in the safety industry includes a lot of research in materials development. As a chemist, you’ll be spending time in laboratories and test facilities to design solutions that can save lives and prevent injuries. Moreover, there is always research being done in developing industrial chemicals that are safer for consumers as well as the environment.


With all the many opportunities in research and development, pursuing studies to become a chemist can open many doors for you. More importantly, you’ll be preparing yourself to pursue a career that is meaningful and can have a direct impact on helping your community and your company, as well as contributing to protecting the environment. 

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