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6 Eco friendly items for a green home decor

Green home decor

Eco friendly alternatives, a “rage” in today’s times, are not only finding way into our conventional methods of manufacturing, processing, transportation, communication and varied other arenas but also acquiring great acclamation in the field of home solutions and furnishings.

People prefer green options today ever more than before even if that means to shell out some extra pennies. It is indeed plausible on our part to stop and think about what we can do to retract on the damages our senseless idiosyncrasies has caused to our Mother nature. In this direction the concept of using recycled materials in homes have become a rave.

Some creative designers have conceptualized decoratives, lighting fixtures, furnishings or even flower pots the green way and attracted great appreciation for their initiatives.

1. Recycled T Shirt Rug

One of the best ways to retain one’s favorite t shirt without throwing them away once they wear out is to transform them into an alluring door mat. The t-shirt is cut into strips and sewn together on a durable cotton jersey base. This piece of rug not looks pleasant but is equally green in nature. Many combinations can be made according to the design or color of the t shirt and the base.

Recycled t-shirt rug

2.Eco Tube Chair

Designer, Peter Gorse, conceptualized and designed a chair made from cardboard tubes. These tubes are held together with cable ties to form a rigid structure which gives it strength and shape to be used as a prized piece of possession in one’s home or office made the green way.

Eco tube chair

3. Vertical Garden

The Brazilian designer studio Rosenbaum, brought a revolution when it launched the “vertical garden made from recycled PET bottles” in the Lardoce lar exhibition. Used PET bottles were used to create a soothing kitchen garden and hung on walls. Specifically suited for houses with minimal place to experiment with plants, this concept caught like fire. PET bottles were cut horizontally, filled with manure and small plants or seeds were then placed inside the bottles. The flower pots were subsequently hung on the walls. Not only did this option utilize a green concept but looked appealing as well besides of course producing fruits and vegetables that could be used for cooking.

Vertical garden

4. Odyseey

Lighting fixtures made for recycled beer bottles, a dedication to the 9/11 victims was the “brain child” of designer Ismael Quintero. This beautiful lamp was originally made from fire hydrant lids found in the rubbles of the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy. later on it was redesigned by using green beer bottles as an option to use recycled materials thus providing them an aesthetic value. Inscriptions on the lighting fixtures indicate their dedication to the 9/11 victims.


5. ReGlow lamp by Shelley Spicuzza

A germane use of the mountain dew bottles we love to empty and throw away in the waste bins, is by turning them into an exquisite ceiling hung lamp shade. The empty plastic bottles are strung together and light fitted inside to create mesmeric light patterns. Use of different colored bottles create varied and stunning light effects.

ReGlow Lamp

6. Lamacek Lounger

A lounger with cushions made from recycled bottles is a big hit amongst enthusiasts who like to have green furnishings in their homes. The cushion rests on the lounger base, which is a metal strip, with the help of magnetic adhesion. While washing the cushion, it can be easily disassembled from the lounger, which makes it a very user friendly option.

Lamacek lounger

Other green options finding great reviews are loungers from used card box boxes, vertical gardens from Styrofoam, graceful chandeliers from used bottles etc.

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