6 Green Marketing Initiatives that can accelerate the growth of your business

A lot of companies have started moving towards eco-marketing in a bid to do their part to save the environment. Green marketing enables a company to reach out to its clients in an environmentally friendly way. As such, here are some eco-marketing initiatives that have been gaining a lot of popularity of late.

How does Green Marketing help a business?

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Customers are more interested in buying eco-friendly products these days. A consumer is more likely to trust a brand as well as buy its products if the latter is good for the environment. Thus, moving towards green marketing can help a company attract such consumers.

Green Marketing Ideas to Grow your Business

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Here are a couple of digital eco-marketing ideas that can help boost your business.

  • Social Media

Social media has become a very powerful tool for companies to promote their businesses worldwide. It is free and totally eco-friendly, meaning you don’t need to spend money on marketing costs in the process of creating leads.

  • Green Promotional Items

Rather than handing out items that need to be thrown away after a single use, opt to hand out promotional items that are reusable as well as recyclable. You may need to spend a bit extra here, but handing out items like refillable water bottles and reusable shopping bags has its benefits for your company as well as the environment.

  • Email not Direct Mail

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Instead of sending out mails, adverts and brochures on postal, consider sending out bulk emails to your customers. You will reduce a significant amount of the paper used for the process, thus doing your part to reduce deforestation. The good thing about email marketing is that you can insert links in the mails that will help customers reach your website the moment they like something in the mail.

  • Digital Coupons

Rather than handing out paper coupons, opt for digital coupons sent via emails and messages. All the customer needs to do is to show the picture of the coupon (or the coupon code) on his/her mobile to the concerned staff (in a restaurant, shopping mall and so on) to redeem it.

  • Digital Billboard Signs

If you still fancy setting up big banners about your brand on the streets, opt for digital signs and billboards. In contrast to their non-digital counterparts that used plenty of plastic and paper, digital signs allow you to showcase your brand without harming the environment in any way. Plus, they are not as expensive as you may think and can actually give your business a great deal of exposure in a cost effective manner.

  • Retargeting

Conversions usually take some time, with the customer visiting a website once and then visiting it again after a period of time to buy something. In some cases, this period may stretch to days, weeks, months or even years, with the customer forgetting about your website altogether in the process. Retargeting curbs this by generating repeat traffic to your business’s website. Retargeting ads are set up on different websites, reminding users of your business and products regularly. This allows the customer to come back to the website once he/she finds something interesting, thus allowing for more conversions.

You can also utilize green marketing to grow your business in a large scale, thus ensuring that you do your bit to reduce your company’s carbon footprint while gaining more customers and spending less to promote your business.

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