6 Green Marketing Initiatives to Accelerate Your Business Growth

Green Marketing Initiatives to Accelerate Your Business Growth

Environmental issues pose a major threat to life on earth. This has made many people opt for socially responsible products irrespective of their higher cost. Going by this trend, companies have been switching to green marketing strategies to influence consumer purchase decisions. This strategy involves selling products and services by highlighting their advantages for the environment. This is also termed eco marketing.

Green marketing initiatives for business growth

1. Switching to sustainable packaging of products:

eco friendly packaging of products

Organizations can package their products using eco-friendly materials which are organic and non-toxic. Materials made of renewable sources or those that can be recycled easily are the best choices. Since many companies are adopting green marketing strategies, it creates competitive pressure on other firms to bring in necessary changes to reduce the detrimental impact on the environment. An example of such an instance is the introduction of Revive 100% recycled paper by Xerox, which encouraged competitors in the industry to introduce recycled photocopier paper.

2. Going digital

Social media platforms can be used very effectively by organizations to promote their business. Going the digital route is great for the environment because you eliminate paper and other resources like travel. Thus, firms can save expenses incurred and use them to generate leads. Video marketing is a great way to promote your business, and an online video editor can help brands leverage green opportunities, right from designing a great marketing video to production and publishing it on the web.

If you are looking to promote a product, why not draw attention to the fact that you have decided to create a video rather than opt for a traditional advertisement because it is better for the environment? Tell your customers about the conscious choices that you are making to preserve the environment, and you are likely to find more favor with them.

3. Replacing banners with digital billboards running on solar power

digital billboard running on solar power

Digital signs are a perfect way of showcasing your brand with minimal harm to the environment. This helps in cutting off the use of plastic and paper that was once used for physical advertisements. Switching to eco-friendly energy sources like solar power shows the organization’s green credentials. It will also save money in the long run and reduce environmental impact.

4. Switching to the development of products that can be reused or recycled

There are numerous products that need to be disposed of after a single use. This just increases the amount of waste generated and hence it is not an eco-friendly practice. So, firms need to focus on creating products that can be reused and recycled so that people can ditch products that end up in landfills after single use. The initial expenses can be somewhat higher in this case, but it is worth the effort as the planet will become a better place to live in. Small steps like using reusable shopping bags, refillable water bottles, etc., can help the firm and the organization in the long run.

5. Replacing direct mail with email

woman doing email

Customers were once sent brochures, emails and adverts physically through the post, which used a lot of paper and supported deforestation. This has changed today, as many organizations opt for digital marketing . One way to do this is to replace direct mail with bulk emails. This practice not only saves time but also cuts off unnecessary expenses in printing an advertisement. Links can be embedded in the emails so that the customers can easily visit the website.

6. Retargeting customers with green marketing strategies

A customer who visits a website once, may not visit again. Therefore, organizations need to keep reminding them about their products and services. This can be in the form of messages about sales, contests, or festive offers to help them remember the brand. They can even send out coupons to trigger purchases. A green marketing strategy is to switch from paper coupons to digital coupons sent through messages or emails. Such strategies help the website get good traffic. Similarly, online ads about products help customers visit the site when they find something interesting. All these ensure a higher conversion rate and better ROI.

Green marketing goals


Here are a few goals organizations must look to achieve when implementing green marketing:

  • Implement actual sustainable business practices.
  • Cut expenses through a new form of packaging, harnessing renewable energy resources, lowering the use of water, etc.
  • Get customers to experience the advantages of using eco-friendly products so they can switch easily and help save the environment through more mindful choice of products.
  • Reduce waste and promote the recycling of products.
  • Join like-minded firms and environmental groups to educate customers about the need to switch to greener alternatives.
  • Make donations to green movements.

Overcoming the challenges for green marketing

Though various firms want to opt for green marketing, they are confused about what really qualifies as ‘green’. This causes confusion among consumers regarding the credibility of the products claimed as ‘eco-friendly’. To overcome this, it is important to ensure transparency and stick to the laws and standards so that the consumers can confidently opt for the products. This will help firms to come up with new and better products that are safe for the environment as well as convenient for consumers.


It is not possible to change the habits we have developed about our choice of products. Hence saving the planet is not possible overnight. But with green marketing , it is possible to gradually change the mindset of customers by educating them so they understand the advantages of using eco-friendly products.

Customers who are conscious about saving the environment, look for organic, eco-friendly, recyclable or sustainable products. These are not just buzzwords. Through green marketing, firms can ensure that they deliver these products to consumers and save the environment. They can enhance their brand visibility and create a community around their products. Such steps play a significant role in reducing the carbon footprint of a company. It also helps them appear more genuine in their corporate social responsibility.

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