6 Green products that are not as green as you might think

The green trend is catching up, what with a lot of individuals switching over to green products on a daily basis. However, a lot of products that claim to be eco-friendly are in fact, not that eco-friendly at all. Here is a list of such products that are shockingly not as green as they claim to be.

Eco-friendly cleaning products

Young beautiful woman scrubing floor

A lot of homeowners have started using eco-friendly cleaning products in a bid to make indoor air cleaner and less toxic. However, a lot of these green products only claim to be green while they still end up using toxic ingredients.

Organic Cosmetic Products

woman applying moisturizer cream on her neck

A lot of companies that claim to produce organic products do not in fact really do so. Although they boast of offering cruelty-free, eco-friendly products, these products are not what they seem.

Coca Cola Life

Coca Cola Life

Here is one product that we are directly referring to here owing to its false claims of being a clean, green drink. While the drink itself is green in color, that’s just about where its eco-friendly label stops. The drink boasts of having 35% less sugar, but makes up for the sweetness with artificial sweeteners. It also contains over 10 teaspoons of sugar in 600ml of drink, a fact that makes this drink just another normal drink that is not at all green in spite of claiming to be so.

Organic Clothing Labels

Organic Cotton Dress

Many clothing companies come out with organic clothes labels once in a while. However, only some of them actually make the cut when it comes to be truly eco-friendly. Stella McCartney for instance, is a clothing brand that claims to offer cruelty free sustainable clothing and accessories. Although most of the clothes from the brand contain organic cotton or silk, they also contain faint traces of nylon, polyester, faux leather and even plastic.

Apple Products

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Don’t be shocked if we tell you that Apple’s goal of offering eco-friendly products to its consumers is not fully realized. Even though Apple boasts of using renewable sources to fuel its onsite energy, its products still contain several toxic chemicals like lead, phthalate, chromium, PVC and brominated compounds, etc. which can affect the environment adversely. Worse yet, Apple is still the only phone maker who continues to use these chemicals in its products.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Young woman changing a light bulb , isolated

A lot of homeowners are opting to use compact fluorescent bulbs in their homes in order to save energy as well as play their part to help the environment. However, as much as has been said about compact fluorescent bulbs being eco-friendly, they are in fact not that green at the end of the day.

CFLs are known to contain mercury in small amounts. And it is a known fact that mercury is a lethal neurotoxin that you cannot dispose with the rest of the garbage. However, since there is no known existing way to recycle these bulbs safely, the bulbs still end up in landfills after use. The mercury contamination caused by these bulbs will then need to be cleared out using a lot of money, time and resources.

A lot of products that claim to be eco-friendly are in fact, not that eco-friendly at all. Although these products promise to be clean and green, they continue to pollute the environment on a large scale.

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