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6 Green tips to throw an eco friendly party

eco friendly party

Party celebrations are not very good for environment. It might come across as a surprise but even a single day can do considerable damage. Moreover, think of the many parties that are being held worldwide at the same time. The sum effect of all these parties together will definitely create a load on the environment. There are many ways in which parties poses a threat to environment preservation. Firstly they generate a lot of waste, most of which is non biodegradable. A whopping amount of energy is used to cook, light up the party area, play music, etc. Gifts wrappers, tableware used to serve guests, and decorations to deck up the party space are seldom eco friendly. Therefore, it is important that everyone takes the responsibility and does their bit to preserve the environment.

1. Reduce trash generated

Party hats made from plastic will add to the waste load, pick biodegradable hats made from cloth or recycled paper. Request guests to not bring too many presents or toys. Not everyone uses all presents that have been gifted and they only increase the amount of waste generated. If you already have presents that you are not going to use, then donate them to a charity. Instead of paper cards send electronic invitations via mail or SMS. If you send out paper invites, then use recycled paper or other green tools like Botanical Paperworks or Green Field Paper.

2. Use Eco friendly tableware

Plastic tableware like glasses, cups, napkins, plates, etc only piles up in dumps as non-biodegradable waste. Try renting reusable tableware from a caterer or supplier. Try to find biodegradable tableware made from recycled paper or compost like sugarcane or corn. One such vendor of biodegradable supplied is EcoCycle. It’s best to use old tableware like sheets and plates or buy cheap ones from thrift stores, so you will not worry about damaging them all the time.

3. The party decor

Many decorations and trimmings used to bedeck the party space are made from non biodegradable substances. Many contain harmful chemicals, endanger animals, and block sewage channels. Avoid using such décor to do up your party location. Some of these unsafe items used often are balloons, whistles, flags, hats, etc. Use natural decorations like potted plants, crystals, scented candles, knick knacks made from recycled materials etc. Nature inspired ideas like flowers, dried leaves, acorns, fruit and vegetable carvings, garlands will be a winner. Lanterns, lamps and artificial lighting fixtures made from paper are a good idea and also can be stored for future use.

4. Plan an organic menu

The kind of food you plan at the party should also fit into the green theme. Avoid junk and processed foods instead go for organic and wholesome foods. Avoid ordering from take outs and diners. Rope in a local caterer who will dole out seasonal fare. Instead of colas and soft drinks, opt for lemonade, punch or fruit juice. Sugary candies and sweets are given out at many parties which contain artificial coloring. Swap them with organic sweets like dates, handmade chocolates, and raisins. Stick to a healthy menu like salads, soups, crackers, popcorn, etc. try to bake a cake at home for a birthday party.

5. Gifts are an essential

The give and take of gifts is a norm at any party. The wrapping paper used for such gifts creates a lot of trash harmful to the environment. Inform your guest to use cloth or paper to wrap gifts. Usually bags are used a lot for carrying gifts. Here also, avoid using plastic bags and go for recycled paper, jute or canvas bags.

6. Energy conservation

Look for ways to decrease energy load while hosting a party. Firstly, do not use too many electric lights. If you do like lights then go for oil lamps or wax candles. You can also light up a small bon fire if the party is being held out in the open. In the summers, hold the party during the cool morning and evening hours to avoid using the AC. While in the chilly winters, balmy afternoons are a great time to reduce load on the heaters.