6 Natural and Safe Home Remedies for Pets


Every year, Americans spend approximately $53 billion on healthcare for their pets. Over the counter pharmaceuticals are believed to account for around $26 billion of this total. Many people are completely unaware that there are such a huge number of natural remedies available to treat a number of the most common conditions which can affect pets regularly. Not only are these treatments often cheaper than the pharmaceutical alternatives, they are often just as effective; and, because no vet visit is required, you don’t have to delay starting treatment.

Use Citrus to Keep Fleas Away

Lemon juice

Citrus juice, preferably from a lemon or orange, acts as an effective flea repellent. Fleas find the scent of citrus overpowering and so will do all they can to avoid it.

Brewer’s Yeast to Keep Bugs Away

If you notice that your pet is being bitten by unseen bugs, then you should mix a small amount of brewer’s yeast into your pet’s food to repel fleas and other biting insects. If you have a dog then you can add some garlic to enhance the effect. Do not do this for cats, however!

Oatmeal Can Help with Itching


If you notice your pet is scratching a lot, then take some baby oatmeal, or finely grind some regular oatmeal, mix it with a small amount of water, and rub the resulting paste onto any affected areas of skin. Leave the paste in place for around 10 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water.

Cannabis Supplements

Regardless of the medical marijuana laws in your state, CBD is widely and legally available. CBD is one of the main constituents of the cannabis plant but is not psychoactive and is hence legal to possess. CBD is a very effective treatment for a number of conditions in pets and can help manage chronic pain while not carrying the same risks that pharmaceutical painkillers do. There are a number of options for obtaining CBD and other cannabis supplements. You should begin your search with cannacompanionusa.com who produce products specifically designed for pets.

Use Worms to Deter Fleas in Your Garden


There is a particular type of worm; the nematode worm, which is available at most pet stores. This worm eats flea larva and so keeping some in your garden can help you to keep the flea population down and your pets safer from infestation.

Add Rose Oil to a Collar

By adding the oil of rose geranium to a pet’s collar, you can create your very own flea repellent collar. Only a few dabs of the oil, spread across the surface, are required. Note that while this is effective for dogs, it might prove irritating to cats and so should be avoided.

Natural home remedies are becoming increasingly popular as the world becomes more conscious of their heath, their pet’s health, and the environmental impact of the products that we buy. Many pharmaceuticals are made using environmentally unfriendly processes and then once packaging and distribution is taken into account, their environmental impact is significant.

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