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7 best cleaning agents which are commonly available in home

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Forget the expensive cleaning solutions; instead, you can find the best cleaning agents right in your home. These inexpensive cleaning agents offer the best cleaning, and there are no side-effects, which you would invariably find in commercial cleaning solutions owing to chemicals present in them.

Here are the top 7 home ingredients which can efficiently be used as the cleaning agents to clean an array of surfaces at home:

Potato and Baking Soda to Clean Rust

The mixture of baking soda and potato juice works as an excellent cleaner for the rusted surfaces, as they produce oxalic acid when mixed together. Oxalic acid is an excellent solution for dissolving the rust.

Bananas to Clean Leather

The inside of the banana skin can be used on the leather spots which need to be cleaned.  Rub the banana skin from inside on the leather furniture till the spots get cleaned. Afterwards, rub it with a damp cloth.

Tomato Ketchup To Clean the Metal Surfaces

The citrus nature of tomato ketchup can be used to clean the metal surfaces. Tomato ketchup is an excellent solution to clean the brass, silver and copper jewellery and utensils.  To clean these metal surfaces, rub them with the tomato ketchup and leave it for some time. The tomato ketchup will clean the surface in about 15 – 20 minutes, and then you can wipe it off with a moist cloth.

Grapefruit To Clean Limescale

The limescale can be removed with the help of grapefruit. Simply, cut the grapefruit in the half and sprinkle the cut side with salt. Scrub the areas to be cleaned with it, and then rinse with clean water.

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Then again, it’s always better to find cleaning solutions within the confines of your home, as in doing so, you can be sure about staying away from harm’s way. Here are few more hacks to help you clean your stuff the way you like it:

Coffee To Eliminate the Odour From Refrigerator

Put the dry coffee ground  into a bottle with the holes in the lid or an old margarine tub. Place this into a fridge, and leave it there for a couple of hours. It will completely eliminate the odour from the fridge.

Brazil Nuts for Covering the Wood Scratches

If your wood furniture has developed scratches, then the best solution to cover them up is by using the Brazil nuts over them. Cut the nuts in half and rub them vigorously on the scratched surface. The oil from the nuts will help cover the wood scratches effectively while making it look good.

Cola for Cleaning the Toilets

The acid present in coca cola is very effective in tackling the spots and germs in the toilet. Pour the cola into the toilet bowl, and let it sit for about an hour, so that the acid can effectively work on the spots. After one hour, rub the inside of the toilet with a brush, and flush it off with clean water. Vinegar can also be used for cleaning the toilets in the same way.

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