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7 Coolest outdoor furniture units made using bamboo

Bamboo furniture

Furniture gets spoilt and soiled easily outdoors. Therefore we look for easy to clean and sturdy alternatives for outdoors. Bamboo is a great material for our gardens, yards, and patios. Also it is eco friendly and it can be recycled easily. It is biodegradable and won’t harm the environment when thrown out. Another plus with bamboo is that is it light and easy to move about in open spaces. Also many designs made from bamboo are foldable; chairs, loveseats, tables can be folded over and stored when you are not using them.

Here is a list of equipment made out of bamboo that you can use in open spaces of your homes.

1. Bench

This light colored grass from Asia can be used to make sturdy benches for gardens and patios. A bench made out of poles clustered together looks innate and fits right into the natural settings. If the bench has veneer then make sure that the glue used is non toxic as you will come into contact with it several times. Benches look great if you have a lot of trees, shrubs and foliage in your garden. Just grab a book and read or chop vegetables for dinner out on the flat surface. Bamboo 54 is a popular retailer and a set of three benches from them would cost around $ 200.

2. Chairs

Woven wicker chairs made from bamboo are very common. Chairs with braiding along the sides last longer. Rocking chairs outside look really neat, you can recline and marvel at the natural beauty around you. Also, you can go for a swing like chair suspended from a tree – kids will really love this one. Hanging a swing made from the material is real easy as bamboo is very light. You can even go for the slightly elongated chair that seats two people, also known as a loveseat. A set of two bamboo chairs would come for $100 to $150.

Chairs and table

3. Stool

Bamboo stool is a great addition to compliment tiki bars in the garden. A delicate grainy texture enhances the look of bamboo stools. Stools with water based stains also add to the rustic outdoor feel. You can have bar stools with a small back support. The foldable bar stools with a back support are easy to stash away when not needed. If you are buying stools made from bamboo poles then ensure that they have a casing or border along the sides. This way they won’t come apart easily.

4. Fencing

Bamboo is tough and seldom shrinks or swells. Thus it is one of the best picks for making your fences. Fencing made out of bamboo should be treated with a thin layer of stain as this prevents it from environmental damage and decaying. You can keep unwanted company out by marking your perimeter. Also, it can keep out rodents and wandering animals. It is available in umpteen designs.

5. Umbrellas and Shades

Place an umbrella right above your garden recliner and sip on a cool drink in the breeze. It will even help you sunbathe out in your garden. Such shaded supports made from bamboo with a thatched roof on the top are quite common. They give a tropical look to your garden. Go for sturdy umbrellas or shades that will not disintegrate easily and last for long. You can even add a bamboo gazebo where you can have meals in open air with friends.

Thatched roof

6. Screens

Give an Asian touch to your interiors with screens and blinds. These also help to set private spaces out in the open. Free standing colorful dividers are a great choice as they make a vibrant background in the all green or brown outdoor yard. They light up the atmosphere when you throw those barbecue parties or get together during tea time. You can choose screens with a cover of either woven bamboo or paper. It can have solid colors or interesting patterns. Most of them can be folded and put away.

7. Tables

Morning tea outside becomes a habit when you have an airy lawn in your house. You can also use the space when you want to snack or your children could study there sometimes. Therefore a table out in the open is a good idea. You can go for one with a rough natural shell or a polished glossy exterior. Also, tables with an unwoven look are made from larger pieces of bamboo. They are available in a range of colors and not just shades of brown.

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