7 Creative things to do with old floppy disks

Seven creative things to do with old floppy disks

In the late 80s and 90s floppy disks were the medium of choice. We all preferred them to store our date. However, with the advancement in technology the use of floppy disk has almost stopped. Today we prefer using a pen drive or a memory card. Even a CD has lost its place from the preference list.

Hundreds and thousands of floppy disks that were earlier used are now demoted to landfill, and would cost substantial dollars to dispose them off. Thanks to the innovative people across the globe, who have found the interesting ways to recycle the floppy disk and transfer them in to something useful! Check out the post to know seven creative things to do with old floppy disks. You can try your hand at designing a bag for the home office. Few other ideas for recycling these floppy disks are notepads or bags.

1. Send the old floppy disk to Greendisk or floppydisk.com

Greendisk and floppydisk.com are few of the popular companies that recycle various kind of techno trash, including the floppy disks. Once you send the floppy disk be sure that they are not going to pollute the environment in any way. Greendisk and floppydisk.com does their best to recycle them and innovatively transfer them into something useful.

2. Design a floppy disk bag

Don’t be surprised, but you can actually design a bag using your collection of the old floppy disks. You can either use the same color disks or make a multi-colored bag using two or more colored floppy disks. So what are you thinking now, pull up your socks and start creating one bag for yourself.

3. Design a floppy disk notepad

Etsy has designed this interesting notepad using the floppy disk as the holder for the notebook’s paper. You can buy this little gadget from the online store of Etsy or simply create one for yourself using your old floppy disks. This pocket-sized notepad would be very useful. Also, it is one of the easiest way to recycle the floppy disk surfaces.

4. Design a floppy disk pen holder

Another easiest way to recycle a floppy disk is designing a Floppy Disk Pen Holder. It can be a simple box or a rectangle, where you can store your important stationary items such as pen, pencil, glue, scissors, etc. If you want you can ornament your pen holder using artificial beads and others craft items. If you are planning to design a pen holder, we would recommend to design a notepad as well, which would add a kitschy element to your otherwise boring work desk.

5. Design a floppy disk CD holders

Design a CD Holder for your CDs and DVDs. Designing the CD Holder is quite simple. You can do it using various colors of floppy disk and group your CDs and DVDs accordingly. It would be helpful in managing your collection as well. Now, it sounds interesting. Isn’t it? So go ahead and design a Floppy Disk CD Holder now.

6. Design a letter holder

Mikeups one of the popular YouTube contributors has shown us an interesting and easy way to design a letter holder, cubby holes, and a pen holder using the old floppy disks. Once you read the seventh suggestion and post your suggestion in the comment box, don’t forget to watch the video and design some stuff for you. Mikeups has explained the process in a simple way and you would find it very easy to create something yourself.

7. Sell your floppy disks

There are various companies across the globe that not only collect the old floppy disks and recycle them into useful items, but also pay for otherwise useless floppy disks. floppydisk.com is one few of the popular companies that recycles various kinds of techno trash. Also, every year they have an interesting program where they purchase the old floppy disk. If you are having more than 500 floppy disks to recycle, floppydisk.com pay 2 cents for each disc. Don’t be shocked, it’s true. Two cents per floppy disk, thus 500 floppy disks are equal to $10. This is surely decent money for what is basically garbage. So stop thinking and send your old diskettes and get them recycled. You don’t even have to waste your time in erasing or reformatting the disks. The company will erase all the data as well as reformat the floppy diskettes themselves.

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