Home Recycling Guide 7 Creative ways to recycle simple objects

7 Creative ways to recycle simple objects

Recyled Designer Products

Designers have taken up the challenge of reusing and recycling materials to do their bit to save the planet. Many are making home furnishing, fashion accessories and other items after recycling waste products. The number of things manufactured from waste can leave anyone amazed. Most of the creations are visually attractive and also have high utility.

Additionally, reusing materials takes load off the landfills, the dump of garbage and waste has been piling on in recent years. The need of the hour is to reduce this proliferating land and water pollution. Below is a list of some very innovative products designed from waste.

1. Bike Furniture by Andrew Gregg

Bike Furniture

A design studio that churns out furniture made from old bikes. A whole range of interior furnishing like chairs, barstools, tables, benches, ottomans, and mirrors can be made by dissembling the bike and then using its separate parts like steel rods, aluminum rims, handles, etc to construct an all new framework. Most of the furniture made has a modern or industrial façade and a sleek finish. This is a brainchild of Andrew Gregg who has been manufacturing these since 1990.

2. Chicken figurine from recycled plastic

Chicken figurine

Recycled plastic is being used to make these chicken figurines which can be added in your homes as showpiece. Use of colorful plastics gives them an attractive rainbow color and an earthy look. Supported by fair trade practices, this handmade product has been manufactured for Wow! Imports by disadvantaged crafters near Cape Town, South Africa.

3. Recycled supplies from Remarkable


Manufacturing high quality paraphernalia that we use everyday like pencils, pens, rulers, mugs, sticky notes, paper clips, and coasters from waste is the ground breaking feat accomplished by Remarkable. The company factory is located in Worcestershire, UK and the concept was founded by Edward Douglas Miller in 1996. Thrown out rubbish that ends up in the garbage dumps like CD packs, tires, paper, plastic and bottles cups, etc is used here to produce all new items of daily use.

4. Carriage Hobo Bag

Carriage Hobo Bag

Made from recycled auto seatbelts, this is a truly novel invention. This durable baguette hobo styled handbag is created by Harveys, a venture of husband and wife team Dana and Melanie Harvey. It has an adjustable shoulder bag, zip closure, and four internal slip pockets. The lining of the bag is made from organic hemp and the silk screening on the lining is done with eco conscious water based inks. The bags are available in umpteen colors and almost each piece has a unique design.

5. Innovative carpet from used clothes

Volksware designer carpet

Old clothes have been used in a fun and inventive way by the Volksware designers. A long carpet has been made by sewing up old and reused clothes. Although the carpet looks more like a rag cloth, it is a good addition to rustic homes and if you live a carefree lifestyle. It can be cut into any length to fit into rooms of different sizes.

6. Recycled lamps

Table lamp Najah

Another eco conscious designer is the Swiss national Anne-Cécile Rappa, who has crafted a series of lighting fixtures using waste. The mechanism is simple, objects like garbage cans and buckets that are usually thrown out after use have been covered with sheets made from knitted plastic. Najah is a table lamp made from a salad bowl while Lazara is a standing floor lamp created from a garbage can and Ilham is a pendant light made from a bucket. These lamps are not only environment friendly but also a visual delight.

7. taPET from Brazil


Carperts and rugs seem to have caught the fancy of designers. An Eco friendly carpet from recycled PET bottles is a new fangled concept. Also recycled PVC and cotton are used in making them. They are easily washable and can be placed in damp locations like bathrooms and kitchens. This product is a hobbyhorse of Brazilian sisters Claudia and Monica Araújo.