Home Recycling Guide 7 Creative ways to reuse fabric scraps

7 Creative ways to reuse fabric scraps

Reuse fabric scrap

Fabric scrap is cutting of old clothes which are generally not used and are thrown because for us they are like any other waste. But these fabric scraps can be very useful to us. Fabric is durable, colorful and can be used to decorate your home. It can also be used as your kids craft projects, to tie plants in your garden, and as a rope.

You can simply fill a glass jar with colorful fabric scraps and put it on the corner of your shelf or on your study table to make it more attractive. There are several other ways in which you can reuse these fabric scraps. Various uses of fabric scraps are mentioned below:

Gloves and scarf

If you want to reuse your woolen clothes, the best way is to make gloves and scarfs out of them. Take any woolen sweater and cut it in the shape of gloves. Stitch to the ends. Wear these gloves to keep your hands warm in winter. You can also make scarf out of them. Just cut them in the shape of long scarf and stitch the ends. You can use this scarf with your jacket and sweaters. It looks attractive and trendy. Use your old socks as a jar cover and decorate it. Keep pickles in these jars and put on the dining table. It make your pickle jar and dining table more attractive.

Tote from Tank top

Tank tops are nowadays out of fashion. If you are thinking to throw them then just wait a while and think what you can do with it. You can turn it into a carrying bag. You can use it to keep magazines, newspaper, polybags, CDs, or any other stuff. Just stitch the lower ends. Hang the top of your tank top on the wall using a nail. Use it to put whatever you want. You can decorate it with linings of different fabrics to make it more attractive. You can also carry it to market for shopping. Next time when you go to buy vegetables, take this attractive handbag with you.


Rug made of fabric scrap

Collect some old T-shirts, jeans, pants, shirts, woolen clothes etc. Cut them in square or rectangular strips using scissor. Stitch all the rectangular strips with one another to form a rug. Rug made from fabric scraps looks creative and attractive. Just lay this colorful rug on ground near your entrance door. It will definitely look attractive. You can also lay it on near your bathroom.


Quilt made of fabric scrap

Old uniforms looks total waste after their use. But something creative can be done with it. These old school uniforms can be used to make a quilt. You can also use woolen clothes to make quilt warmer. Cut the uniform and other woolen clothes into square pieces. Stitch all pieces so that a big rectangle can be formed of the size you want. Stitch the three corner ends of this rectangular quilt. From the fourth end start filling cotton, and woolen clothes scraps. After filling stitch the fourth end. Stitch fabric scrap lining on the all corners to give a fine design. Use this quilt and keep your body warmer in this winter.

Pillow and cushions

Pillow made of fabric scrap

Old clothes can also be used to make pillows. Cut your old T-shirt or any other scrap fabric into a shape of pillow. It can be rectangular, square, circular, and triangular or of any other shape you want. Stitch the ends and leave a little space to fill cotton or fabric scrap in it. After filling stitch the left end. Use this pillow to have a sound sleep. Make small cushions in the same way as you make pillow. Use these cushions on your sofa set or on your bed.


Handbags made of fabric scrap

Old denim jeans can be used to make mini skirt or hand bags. Cut the lower ends of your jeans of the height you want for your hand bag. Stitch the middle ends. Decorate it with fabric flowers, ribbons, glitters and other fabric linings. Stitch a zip on the top to the center of it. Carry this stylish and attractive handbag to market.


Apron made of fabric scrap

If you are planning to dispose your old long night wear then making apron out of it will be the best idea. Just cut them in the shape of apron and use them in your kitchen. Make its pockets from old handkerchiefs. Decorate it with other fabric linings.