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7 Creative ways to save money with recycling

Recycling of products

Recycling involves re-manufacturing of old products into new by separating and collecting materials for processing and the use of these new products completes the cycle. Nowadays, people are more concerned about recycling than ever before but there are still many materials made of plastics and paper which are usually not recycled. Plastics and papers are some of the most common and easiest to recycle. Due to lack of recycling, pollution rates are at an all-time high but various programs of government and independent organizations are making it easier for people to recycle all over the world thus creating a decline in global pollution.

Some of the creative ways of recycling to save your money are as follows:

1. Make wrapping paper:

Wrapping paper

If you are gifting an item on someone’s birthday or anniversary, try to wrap it with papers with a bunch of old documents which have already been used. This way, you can save money on the gift wrapping papers which are usually thrown away by everyone and is of less importance. People may get impressed by your creative ability to make use of the discarded paper.

2. Compost:

Compost bin

It is a very smart idea to recycle our food scraps into compost for our plants. It is a great way to enrich the soil if you are growing some fruits or vegetables in it. Collect veggie and fruit scraps, eggshells, coffee grounds, and other discarded kitchen food items except dairy and meat products in a compost bin.

3. Re-purpose an old book:

Old booksMake a list for all the useless books you have in store. In spite of keeping it with you without any purpose, it is best that either you donate them to the needful ones or sell them on a website.

4. Make a placemat:

PlacematsYou can cut out your old clothes like jeans or other fabric into rectangular patches to make cool looking placemats. If they get food stains on them, it is convenient to wash and use it again. You can also cut up your old clothes to make dusters and dirt rags too.

5. Re-purpose old clothing:

Old ClothingIt is a good idea to go through your closet frequently and separate the clothes you do not wear anymore. Once you have separated your unused clothing, you can start your creativity in all sorts of ways like making a rug or a fabric collage. You can also stitch the parts of your old clothing into a funky handbag or a laptop case.

6. Use CDs as reflectors:

CDsEveryone has a bunch of old CDs lying around in their home. They can be creatively used as reflectors in the back of your bike, car or a few of them can be fixed to your mailbox pole. They look pretty cool and will also help to keep the wild neighborhood kids off your lawn.

7. Create a mosaic:

MosaicIf you have dropped your favorite flower vase and broke it, you should try a hand on creating mosaic in your very own style. The broken pieces of the vase can be busted into further smaller pieces and can be fixed with grout on the outside of mirrors, on picture-frame borders or on top of old coffee tables. The mosaic pattern will indeed add a tone of artistry to your place.