7 – Eco-friendly Pet Products You Should Consider

It can be said that one of the highest achievements of the human conscience in the 21st century is the heightened awareness of environmental conservation. Given the ever increasing menace of non biodegradable products and the attendant eventualities, it is important to consider availing of eco-friendly products as much as possible. In order for your dear pets to remain shielded from the effects of environmental degradation, it is important to consider taking up the best eco-friendly pet products.

Best eco-friendly pet products

1.     Toys and Accessories

Toys and Accessories

According to pet experts, it is important to keep your pet engaged in active ventures as much as possible in order to keep their mental well being in good shape. Toward that ambition, toys made of durable plastic and manufactured in eco-friendly conditions through the use of solar power make for a perfect engagement. Hundred per cent organic, floating toys and other eco-friendly accessories are a perfect way to both save the environment and your fur-ball’s mood.

2.     Organic Cleaners

All kinds of cleaning products such as shampoo, cleaning wipes etc. are necessary for the grooming of your pet. Made from natural and non toxic ingredients, organic cleaners are one of the basic pet products. For instance, organic odor removers tackle the menace of bad smell whereas the likes of foaming shampoo are a perfectly sustainable option in order to bring the sheen out of your pet.

3.     Scratching Boards Scratching Board

For those who are accompanied by the likes of feline counterparts, you already know the indispensable significance of scratchers. Indeed, not limited to cats alone, these scratching boards are vital for dogs as well. In order to get the best of eco-friendly pet products, the pet industry is stuffed with such scratchers as are made from renewable resources and are perfectly in accordance with environment.

For instance, one of the most popular constituents of scratcher material is North American catnip. In fact, there are many more eco-friendly constituents put into stiffing the best of organic scratchers. Not only are these safe, but peculiarly durable and inevitably viable as far as the pricing is concerned. Recyclable scratching boards are a perfect choice both for your pet and the earth!

4.     Organic Pet Treats

Organic grub is perhaps the most vital element towards the good health of your pet pal. Indeed, one of the most popular sources of organic nutrition is natural wheat grass, a vital component in a majority of food packages meant for your pet. Apart from that, natural/organic meat is one of the major pools of protein intake. Green nutrition, one that is essentially rid of grains and fillers, forms a major part of the ecological food chain. The pet industry is awash with organic pet grub, starting from wheat grass to organic meat which is a perfectly sustainable option, not to mention 100% organic.

5.     Insect Repellants

Insect Repellants

Indeed, one of the most vital concerns for pet lovers is the menace of parasitic fleas affecting unduly the health of their pets. In order to eliminate the threat of fleas and ticks, you might as well pick up the best of organic insect repellants which are essentially devoid of harmful chemicals and artificial color or odor. Indeed, it is important to keep in mind that a majority of such organic repellants consists of aloe vera extracts in order to smooth the skin irritants. Also, these eco-friendly products also act as marvelous mosquito repellants. 

6.     Eco-friendly Pet Beds

How about organic pet beds? Indeed, the modern pet industry has come up with excellent alternatives to make the best use of organic constituents in order to shield the ecology from any kind of exploitation. Pet beds sourced from the application of Nano technology are a rage in the market. They are not only eco-friendly pet products, but also extremely comfy in that they prevent the emergence of bacteria without the use of lethal chemicals. Also, the fine organic finish saves you the trouble of cleaning the bed all the time. Eco-friendly pet beds are a perfect choice to let your pet cuddle up at ease without a care in the world. 

7.     Eco-friendly Pet Blankets

 Eco-friendly Pet BlanketsOn the heels of organic beds, the likes of eco-friendly pet blankets are equally popular in the market. For instance, fleece blanket for your dog is made of organic hemp and recycled fleece. Apart from that, blankets made of organic cotton and the likes of organic sky blankets made from faux suede material are a perfect choice for your pet friend. These coupled with the likes of naturally sourced cotton accessories are one of the most popular organic pet products in the market these days.

Pet food wastage

According to estimates, in America alone, cats and dogs account to ten million tons of yearly waste. Instead of letting it perish in waste lands and other assigned locations, the various pet companies make use of the waste in order to come up with organic products.

For instance, in a bid to develop recycled pet products and save the environment, a major pet company came up with the idea of a modern waste digester in order to minimize the waste produced by the likes of dogs and cats.

Green initiatives taken by pet industry

self cleaning cat boxThe modern pet industry is acutely conscious of the impact of environmental degradation. Therefore, in order to come up with eco-friendly pet products, a majority of pet companies conduct periodic surveys in order to gauge the impact of their materials.

Indeed, more such eco-friendly products have literally taken the market by storm in the recent years. For example, those who have cats go for the likes of organic litters. Biodegradable litters, like the ones made from silica, are a popular item in a majority of pet houses. These are not only eco-friendly pet products and 100% organic, but also extremely affordable.

In fact, what is more, it is important to note that the application of a self cleaning cat box completely eliminates the need of for cat litter by making use of recycled plastic granules that are cleaned and dried for reuse.

The aforementioned organic products serve the need of the hour. Besides, in a bid to save the ecology from further exploitation, it is imperative to avail of such natural products as much as possible.

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