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7 Eco-Friendly Picnic Ideas To Enjoy Nature In A Truly Green Way

by Dr Prem Community Writer

The beginning of spring is the perfect weather to enjoy some outdoor time. Going for a picnic in the sun allows you to connect with nature, soak in the sun, and feel the soft touch of grass under your feet. Most of us are cooped up in our offices and homes and have got used to another kind of jungle – the concrete jungle. We spend our days busy with work. You too must be no different. Take the opportunity of the lovely weather and go for a picnic in the park or even in your backyard. Check out these eco-friendly picnic ideas to keep it green:

Eco-friendly picnic ideas to inspire you 

Have a picnic near your home


You can discover picnic spots near your home online. There would be reviews posted too about different scenic spots and whether they are kid-friendly. One of the ways to have a green picnic is to travel short distances. This way, you ’ll be saving on fossil fuels and reduce car emissions.

Pick a spot which is accessible by cycling, walking, or by public transportation. A picnic in your backyard is a great idea too. You can spread a blanket on the grass and have your food out in the open. It will be a novel experience for the whole family and a wonderful way to connect with nature as well as each other.

Pack a sustainable picnic


A picnic is all about the food – enjoying some nice, delicious food in the company of people you like. It’s very tempting to pack some fast food or some other packaged food, and it’s understandable as you just want to relax for the whole day. But you can have a wonderful home-cooked meal ready in a jiffy. You can make some sandwiches at home, or boil some pasta. Eco-friendly picnic ideas for food can be to carry lots of fruits like bananas, apples, oranges, pears or any other fruit which is in season.

Green picnic accessories


The point of environmental friendly picnic ideas is that you have to keep in mind that every aspect of it is eco-friendly. Starting from choosing the location and packing green food to choosing eco-friendly picnic accessories. For example, instead of using disposable, single-use cutlery, pack your own steel spoons and forks. Say no to styrofoam containers, which will just add to the waste. Here are some green products you can carry on your picnic:

Eco-friendly insect repellent creams


Going out in nature has many plus points, but one of the drawbacks is the insects and mosquitoes, which are abundant there. Instead of chemical-laden insect repellent creams, you can choose creams which are made using citronella, essential oils, sage, etc. You also get small pouches, which are blends of peppermint, thyme, and lemongrass that can save your food from raiding ants. These eco-friendly and skin-friendly ways to have a green picnic will keep the bugs away so that you can have a peaceful picnic.

Bamboo cutlery


Bamboo cutlery is quite in fashion, as it is a renewable resource. You can go for bamboo cutlery. But keep in mind that if bamboo is not available in your country, then you’d be paying for the heavy fuel costs. But otherwise, bamboo products including plates, bowls, and salad bowl are free from phthalate and BPA free, which are definitely in the class of environmental friendly picnic ideas. 

Summer barbeque set


If you’re going on a picnic with your better half, you can use stainless steel serving trays, forks, and spoons sets for two in beautiful designs. Using 100% cotton napkins and stainless steel glasses for your drinks will make your romantic picnic an eco-friendly one.

Use reusable water bottles


Recent studies have shown that even the world’s most reputed bottled water companies’ water is contaminated with plastic. So stay safe and buy reusable steel bottles so that you drink clean water and not contribute to plastic pollution.

Don’t leave the signs of your picnic lying around on the grass. It’s easy to forget to clean, especially if you’re in a hurry to get back. But do make it a point to clean up after you, as the litter might end up in waterways. Or animals could make a meal out of paper wrappers or juice boxes which is certainly not good for them. Enjoy these eco-friendly picnic ideas and enjoy your time out in nature to the full!

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