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7 Eco friendly products for a green kitchen

Convection Oven

With evolution of green technology, there is no product that green technology has not touched. The green is the latest trend and there is no end to this green change. The kitchen products are the next on the list of green products that have gained popularity in the recent days. The kitchen is the most important place of a house and and what if these kitchen components are made completely ecofriendly.

Now this is what defines a green change inside the house for the improvement of house surrounding and ultimately the nature. There are various products available in market these days that are especially made for kitchen and are completely ecofriendly. Here is a list of cool 7 ecofriendly products for a green kitchen.

1. Countertop composter

Countertop composter

The major components used to put the trash products are actually not ecofriendly and they pollute the surrounding and the environment. This cool Countertop composter is the latest design made to trash up your products. This cool and compact trash box can occupy plenty of your trash into a single place. Moreover, the best thing about this product is that it is made completely out of recycled products. The trash is then used by the composter to convert it into nourishing fertilizer for your garden. This product is priced at just $32.

2. Keep it cool

Keep it cool

The name itself says that this device is a refrigerator which is not the traditional one though. This is no simple and ordinary refrigerator. It is incorporated with latest technology and is provided with three doors which look pretty impressive. It has plenty of space inside to keep all your stuff inside and preserve them for long period. The thing that makes this special is its new system technology. This system alerts you if the door is kept open for longer time or if it’s not getting closed. Also this ecofriendly refrigerator uses 20% less energy than the traditional refrigerator. It is priced at $1,639.

3. Quirky cork

Quirky cork

This is a unique cutting board which can be used effectively for most of your kitchen cutting jobs. This is completely made out of recycled products and is completely ecofriendly too. This is surprisingly very sturdy and offers a high end hygienic atmosphere around. It is fully anti-bacterial and offers higher durability and doesn’t allow the moisture and odors content on it. This cork cutting board is priced at $19.95.

4. Get cooking

Get cooking

Next up is an induction cooktop which is the latest trend in the cooking department. The era is gone when people used long dual sized flame cook tops to cook their food. It is an era of induction cooktops which offer multi functioning and are loaded with plenty of options. This induction cooktop is provided with 25 pre-setting to start up immediate cooking. It requires no gas or any such thing, all it needs is a power supply and you are done with your cooking process in minutes. It can boil water in just 90 seconds and can save up to 20% of your electric bill and is almost 70% more-efficient than gas. It is priced at just $1,799.

5. Everything in its place

Eco-friendly bin

Most of kitchens these days is occupied with unwanted stuffs all around and what could be better than a Eco-friendly bin that can keep all your unwanted stuff at a single place. Everything at a single place makes it easy to search things and also makes your kitchen more clean and green. This product is a sure thing for all the kitchens and is worth of keeping in stock. It is priced at just $19.99.

6. Clean green

Clean green

Cleanliness is next to godliness, this is the mantra which is followed in most of the kitchens these days. A clean surrounding gives a kind of positive feel and sometimes this even excites people to keep doing their work. One of the green products that can be used to keep your kitchen clean is Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning product range. This range of products provides perfect cleaning for your entire kitchen stains and other marks and dust in your kitchen. It is available in different scents and is readily available across many cities. These cleaning products are quite cheap and will cost you about $4.99 to $7.99.

7. Convection oven

Convection oven

The Oven has become an integral part of every kitchen these days and is one of the mostly used devices to cook foods and to preserve them for longer period. This ecofriendly oven is what makes a kitchen completely green. It is provided with latest technology that consumes minimum power and results in a remarkable reduce in your electricity bill. It will save plenty of your money and is more efficient than traditional ovens. It is priced at $127.49.