7 Green ideas that can change the world

With most parts of the world turning towards greener initiatives, it wont be surprising if you decide to do something on your part to contribute to this green movement. Luckily, you don’t have to look too far for that. You can consider several green investment options for the purpose. Accordingly, here are 7 of the greenest industries in the world that you can find worthy of investment.

Solar energy

opt Solar energy

Solar energy is increasingly being used in several locations to power homes and commercial establishments. It is considered as a great alternative to the energy derived by burning fossil fuels which is both expensive and hazardous to the environment. Many companies have also come forward to produce solar energy panels that can be used in homes and businesses. Increased adoption of solar power would directly benefit these companies as well as those who invest in them.

Wind energy

opt wind energy

A lot of countries around the world are setting up windmill farms in order to harness the potential of the wind to create renewable energy. The business associated with these farms deals not only with the generation and sales of wind based power, but also the construction of wind turbines.

With many more countries around the world exploring the possibility of switching to wind based energy, this arena is ripe for investing and can help you contribute to the environment significantly. Be on the lookout for companies that either produce windmill technology for the same purpose or sell its associated energy.

Water conservation

rain water harvesting in containers 1

Water is one of the most abundant natural resources on earth. However, the scarcity of clean, drinking water has urged many companies to step out onto the field and launch facilities to collect, clean and distribute water to several locations. For instance, Aqua America is a US based company that supplies clean water to more than 3 million people in the region. Other companies like IIT Industries have also come up with water purification systems to clean water and make it drinkable.

Waste reduction

e-Waste Recycling (3)

Recycling has taken over the world by storm, with many households and entire communities formulating projects to recycle waste products and reuse them again. While one may only know about certain household items like paper and glass that are re-purposed on a regular basis, items like vegetable oil, waste oil, cell phones, car parts, batteries and computers can be recycled successfully. Companies that opt to recycle these goods are definitely on the right road to achieving a cleaner, greener earth.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Companies around the world are moving towards energy efficient infrastructure, processes and operations. They are also developing energy efficient products that help us derive the maximum benefits while not wasting too much energy in the process. Hence, companies that create these energy efficient technologies are considered very good investment options for the eco-friendly individuals.

Organic farming

Organic farming

Organic farms around the world adopt sustainable farming practices, shunning all forms of pesticides and growth enhancers. As a result, the foods produced by these farms are healthier and tastier. These farms also follow animal management policies that ensure that antibiotics and hormones are removed from the food chain and don’t pollute the water in the surrounding region.

Best in class


It would take time for a firm to adapt to green standards. Hence, each firm is categorized according to their place on the green spectrum. Finding out where a company is located in this spectrum can then help you decide on where you want to invest your money in. Accordingly, you can choose to invest in those companies that follow the best green practices and records, thus doing your bit to save the environment.


If you are thinking about going green by investing in companies that follow environmental friendly practices, then here are some investment options you can consider to help you attain your goal.

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