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7 Ideas for getting more energy efficiency out of your dishwasher

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Almost every other household has a dishwasher today. While many advocate washing dishes by hand is better as it would save plenty of water and is a more energy efficient option, using a dishwasher would offer you the convenience of getting your dishes washed while you tend to other household work. So if you are thinking of getting a dishwasher for your home, take into consideration these 7 tips that would help you make your dishwasher more energy efficient.

Choose the right washer

middle aged girl in the kitchen using dishwasher

middle aged girl in the kitchen using dishwasher

When shopping for a dish washer, it is imperative that you choose the right one for your house. In addition to choosing the right size (no sense in getting a big dish washer if you are going to be washing just 4-5 dishes a day right?), you would need to choose one that has the Energy Star label on it. This would certify that the specific dishwasher would use at least 25% less energy than other dishwashers. Also look for other factors like decibel rating (for the noise), the insulation (the more the better) and Db rating (the lower the better).

Run it on a full load

Kitchen Woman

Kitchen Woman

Rather than running the dishwasher for every 2-3 dishes that you clean, wait until the dishwasher is fully loaded before running it. Irrespective of the number of dishes you put in, the dishwasher would use the same amount of electricity, water and detergent for one cycle. So why waste all these resources when you can simply run the machine on full load and get all the dishes washed in the same cycle.

Opt for natural dishwashing powders or liquids


In another attempt to make your dishwasher more energy efficient, opt for detergents and liquids that are natural and biodegradable. Stay away from products that contain phosphates and petroleum. Buy in bulk to avoid heavy packaging as well. This would ensure that the dishwasher cleans and sanitizes the dishes in one go.

Air dry the dishes

Air dry the dishes

Most dishwashers come with a fan or electrically generated heat to dry the dishes, thus consuming a lot of energy in the process. Instead of drying the dishes this way, consider air drying them. All you need to do is leave the dishes in the dishwasher overnight after washing them. When you wake up the next morning, the dishes will be ready to be put away in their respective places.

Save the pre-rinse

dishwasher 6

A lot of us tend to rinse the dishes before putting them into the dishwasher. This pre-rinse cycle would easily lead to over 55000 gallons of water being wasted every time. So skip the pre-rinse altogether. Simply scrape out food particles and other resides from the dishes and place them in the dishwasher. The dishes will get cleaned, albeit with less water.

Wash during off-peak hours

dishwasher programming

Consider running the dishwasher during the off peak utility hours. This will allow the device to use up less energy to wash the dishes. You can also opt to a dishwasher that comes with a pre-programmed timer to start washing the dishes during the off-peak hours.

Keep the dishwasher away from other large appliances

dishwasher is placed near the refrigerator

The dishwasher tends to emit heat while functioning. Hence it is considered wise to place it away from other large appliances in the kitchen. For instance, if the dishwasher is placed near the refrigerator, the heat emanating from the dishwasher would force the latter to use up more energy to cool its contents. This, in turn, would increase your home’s overall energy consumption. So keep the dishwasher isolated as much as possible, ensuring that you keep it far away from the refrigerator.

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Every other house has a dishwasher these days. These devices tend to use up a lot of energy and water to clean the dishes. Hence, you would need to prevent this by opting for these really simple, energy efficient tips that would make your dishwasher more eco-friendly.