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7 Innovative ways to recycle old Scrabble tiles

Recycle Scrabble Tiles

Recycling is really important to preserve the environment. We are throwing out dump everyday from our homes that gathers on our landfills. Although we care careful with plastic bags, we tend to forget about the myriad of other non biodegradables that we trash out of our homes – scrabble tiles are one such item. Needless to say, each one of us owns this popular game. Instead of throwing the tiles out, you can use them to make several attractive things of use around the house.

A few innovative and easy ideas to use scrabble tiles are given below.

1. Collage


A huge family photo collection can look better with scrabble tile pieces on it. You can make a collage showcasing your other interests also. It can be a photo collection of your favorite celebrity. Putting up your coin or stamp collection for display is also a great idea. After making the collage, you can use scrabble tiles to spell out names or labels on each photograph. A 3D effect on your down to earth home crafted piece!

2. Pendants


It is really easy to make small pendants out of scrabble tiles. Use front of the tiles and spell out your initials on the pendant. If you don’t want the alphabets to show, then make designs or patterns on the backside. You can use paint, craft paper, glitter, marker pens, stickers, etc. to decorate these pendants. Then using a drill bore a hole on the top and insert a wire or thin metallic chain through the hole.

3. Wall clasps

Fridge Magnets

You can work around scrabble tiles and make hook suspensions, wall poppers or fridge magnets. Just glue a few scrabble tiles together on a base and attach a metal hook on the front, then mount it on a wall. Affix attractive cut outs of your favorite cartoons or celebrities on a scrabble base using wires or springs and glue it onto the wall. Fridge magnets are also real easy to make. Just buy magnets and glue them behind the scrabble tiles. Spell different words each day or write messages for your roommates on the fridge.

4. Jewelry

Earrings made from scrabble tiles

Recycled jewelry doesn’t always look shabby, it can be pretty stunning. If you think your options are limited with scrabble tiles, you are absolutely wrong. You can wire pieces together, use glue, and many other things to make the pieces look alluring. Ear rings, necklaces, bracelets, rings can all be made using pieces of this famous game. Paper is really easy to glue on and you can use either recycled, gift wrap, washi, or craft paper. You can embellish your jewelry with spangles, shimmer, beads, glass pieces, and ribbons bedeck the jewelry.

5. Art pieces

Make Art work

There is so much artwork made using recycled materials, scrabble tiles can be used for the same too. Make colorful paintings on a scrabble tile base. Build structures like monuments or a small town plans, think on lines of lego. Shaded portraits in hues like brown, black and white have an understated elegance. But these can only be made by people who have a flair for art. Spray paintings on a base made out of scrabble tiles in an excellent idea if you are an experimental artist.

6. Party décor

Recycled party decor

You can easily make décor out of scrabble tiles to jazz up your bash. In fact, if you are known to throw eco savvy parties, this is a good way to showcase your creativity. You can thread pieces together horizontally that spell out ‘happy birthday’ or have ceiling suspensions that vertically spell out ‘News Years Eve’. Similarly, join pieces together in square or rectangular shapes and knock out creative designs to put up as décor. You can even use this décor during festivals. Do up your Christmas tree using knick knacks made from scrabble tiles.

7. Kitchenware

Daily use coaster

You need coasters all the time for all those glasses, casseroles and spoons lying around the kitchen and table. It is best to save up your costly coasters for special occasions and make daily use coasters using junk at home. Durable scrabble tiles are just right and you can use cardboard or cork as the base. While decorating the scrabble coasters, use wax paper and acrylic sealant to shield them from moisture. You can make coasters of different sizes, big ones for pots and smaller ones for your glassware. Also, you can make wine charms using scrabble tiles, they look really neat. Paint the wine charms to add beads to add the charm.