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7 Interesting ways to recycle old clothes hangers

Old clothes hangers

Do you have a bunch of coat hangers lying inside your cupboard doing nothing but consuming space? I guess every cupboard has a few without any clothes hanging on them. The normal practice is to throw them away without even thinking twice. But there are many who are giving these hangers a new lease of life in a unique and creative way. Here is a list of seven interesting ways to recycle old clothes hangers that will force you to tilt your head in amazement.

1. Hanger Chair

Hanger Chair

Chairs are an important part of both household and office space. They help us relax and a nicely crafted chair can also act as a great piece of art. Giving the everyday chair an all new and eco-friendly appearance is Vanessa Marie Robinson who has designed the Hanger Chair. As the name suggests, the material that went in to making this incredible creation were coat hangers that were welded on a sturdy steel frame. Vanessa used 61 coat hangers that were doing nothing except catching dust. Place it outdoors or indoors and see the unique chair attract a lot of attraction.

2. Coat Hanger Gorilla

Coat Hanger Gorilla

This giant gorilla that looks awfully dangerous has been made by David Mach. The mammoth creation has been made making good use of thrown away coat hangers that keep piling up. The silver-black creation measures 200 x 125 x 290 cm and is quite impressive. Every fine detail has been taken care of and it looks real. Thousands of recycled hangers were used to make this amazing piece of art that makes eyes do a somersault in surprise.

3. Hangeliers


You must have heard about chandeliers, but how about ornamenting the ceiling of you pretty dwelling the environmentally-friendly way with Hangeliers? The awe-inspiring pieces of lighting are a creation by Organelle Design. The company has used thrown away coat hangers in an ingenious manner and swapped them into functional chandeliers. These eco-friendly options will brighten up your homes keeping the beautiful environment in mind. Hangeliers will make spaces dazzle like never before and leave onlookers in state of surprise when they closely see the material that went into making these impressive designs.

4. Coat Hanger Fruit Bowl

Coat Hanger Fruit Bowl

Fruit Bowls grace our dining areas and are available in a variety of designs and materials. Here is one that has been made from usual curved coat hangers found at home. Named the Coat Hanger Fruit Bowl, it has a diameter and height of 400 mm and 100 mm, respectively. The attention grabbing bowl has been crafted in an intricate manner and vows to give an all new meaning to kitchen areas while keeping the ever-deteriorating environment in mind.

5. Hanger Lights

Hanger Lights

Creativity knows no bounds and the product in question completely justifies the statement. Hanger Lights look as if leaves of a tree have been joined together to decorate an area the sparkling way. The fancy lighting option is worth a steal and can be used to beautify the house on special occasions without spending a fortune on good-looking lights. Simply, look for some old cloth or coat hangers lying around the house and the prettiest lighting option for your dwelling.

6. Coat Check Chair

Coat Check Chair

Coat Check Chair is a clever creation by Joey Zeledon from Boston. The designer has used plastic hangers in an artful way, which will make eyes pop in surprise. The eco-friendly Chair uses colored hangers along with a steel closet rod to bring his creation to life. The chair is quite durable and will grace the area in a clean and green way. Joey has cleverly brought the elements that usually make the inside of a closet literally out of the closet!

7. Plant Markers

Plant Markers

These impressive yet simple plant makers will make plant lovers jump with utmost joy. They have been made using wire hangers that can be found in our cupboards. Use them to make correct markings for your plants that too the eco-friendly way. One can easily craft them at home using old hangers and it won’t consume much time. If you also get confused between tomato and broccoli plants then these markers will act like a saving grace that too without shelling a single penny.

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