7 Reasons Why Artificial Grass Will Transform Your Backyard

Imagine a backyard with 5 year old sod. It’s been ravaged over the years by too much sun during the summer and too much snow during the winter. Since the trees aren’t tall enough to protect it from the sun and wind, you even have occasional dust storms in your backyard.

As a way to improve the backyard, you’ve tried to grow grass, plant flowers, and even create a little vegetable garden. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, your back yard always returns to being a large ugly patch, a place where grass, flowers or vegetables don’t grow easily and quickly wilt and die.

Add to this mess the playful habits of your dogs, which have dug it up over the years when burying their bones.

What can you do?

Although you’ve tried to ignore the problem, it really bothers you, especially after you visit other people’s homes and enjoy spending time sitting around their lush backyards.

However, rather than tolerate this eyesore to your beautiful home, why not install artificial grass? Although the idea may seem a little unusual, you will be surprised at why this might just be a perfect solution.

Artificial Grass?

In an article in Houselogic.com about artificial grass, author Lisa Kaplan Gordon offers an in-depth answer to the question, “What exactly is artificial grass?” She says, “Fake grass consists of filaments threaded into a backing that lets water through. The backing is laid on a drainage layer, usually compacted gravel, and fastened along the perimeter. Then it’s filled with recycled crumb rubber or sand to keep it from blowing away in a stiff breeze. Today’s synthetic grass is made of nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene that’s colored to look like various species.”

7 Benefits of Artificial Grass

Here are 7 reasons why artificial grass can happily resolve any backyard blues.

  1. Peace-of-mind. You will experience immediate peace of mind looking at grass rather than clods of earth, clusters of weeds, and stones. You can even sit out in the backyard, invite your friends over, and have a picnic or a barbecue without apologizing for your ugly backyard.
  2. Save money on water bills. You will not have to spend hundreds of dollars a year watering your grass. Instead of adding to the water shortage problem in your county or state, you will have an aesthetic lawn without the need for the constant use of water. Your beautiful lawn grass will be eco friendly. You can even have a beautiful backyard if you live in California, where the extreme heat has made it difficult to grow any kind of lawn.
  3. Save labor on your weekends. You will save hours of your precious weekend time because you will not have to cut the grass or try to revive it after a harsh winter. Your grass will always look green and healthy regardless of the season. You can say goodbye to a withered winter lawn or to a dry, summer lawn that’s a fire hazard.
  4. Your grass will be hard to distinguish from real the real thing. Some artificial flowers are so realistic that you have to stare and touch them to figure out whether or not they are real. That same brilliant technology and craftsmanship has been applied to manufacturing artificial grass. Just like a silk flower in a vase can look like the real thing, a blade of artificial grass has the same uncanny sense of realism. What’s more, you can even choose a style of grass that would be native to your local flora.120494544
  5. No stinky lawns. You will not need stinky chemicals or smelly fertilizers to coax your grass to grow. Installed on an artificial grass infill, the grass does not have any of the traditional problems associated with planting grass in dirt.
  6. Your grass will be toxic free. One way to keep real grass looking green and healthy is through the use of pesticides. These often use toxic chemicals, and the poison runs into the water supply, which can then seep into the water you use to drink and bathe in. Another cause of toxicity are fumes from gas-powered motors used to cut the grass or trim the edges of footpaths.
  7. Safe for parties. Your grass will not be damaged after people walk on it. In fact, you can have numerous parties in your backyard without worrying about so many people trampling down your lawn.

The Eco Turf Solution

Artificial grass is a modern way to have a great looking lawn without all the complications of growing grass and maintaining an attractive lawn. Besides having a beautiful lawn, you’ll be helping out the environment at the same time.

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