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7 Reasons why you need to be environmentally conscious right this instant

by DrPrem Jagyasi

A lot has been said and heard about green initiatives. In spite of this, a lot of households are still apprehensive of adopting a sustainable lifestyle. If you fall in this group as well, then take note of the fact that going green is not only about helping the environment, but also helping yourself achieve a healthier lifestyle in the process. If you are still doubtful about it, then here are 7 reasons why you should seriously consider adopting a greener lifestyle now.

 Access to Real Food for a Change

Beautiful young asian girl eating broccoli

Considering the fact the most of the foods we eat today are laced with chemical and synthetic flavors that can harm the body, going green would enable you to get access to healthier alternatives in the form of organic foods. Buying organic foods from local markets would also enable you to help the local economy and reduce the carbon footprint related to production, packaging and transport.

Access to Cleaner Air

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Opting for a greener home and a greener vehicle would allow you to reduce the amount of toxins emitted by both. This in turn, would allow you to enjoy cleaner, fresher air both indoors and outdoors. Simple changes like opting for non-toxic cleaning products and paints can help you achieve this in a very efficient manner. Thus, by going green, you can ensure that you and your loved ones get access to comfortable and physically healthier home.

Chance to Save Water


Although all of us know that water is not a renewable source, not many of us actually take the initiative to do something about it. Going green would allow you to do your bit to save clean, drinkable water, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the process.

For instance, by being conscious in using water resources, we can stop using bottled water which would have an immediate effect on the carbon footprint related to the production and shipping of these plastic bottles. Less plastic produced would also mean less plastic that ends up in the landfill in the end.

Access to Abundant Renewable Energy

Solar energy panels with wind turbines

It is no surprise that almost 50% of the world’s pollution owes its existence to coal plants around the world that generate electricity for households as well as commercial establishments. A greener alternative would involve producing your own power with the help of solar panels or wind turbines. If you are not intent on installing these renewable power sources in your home, consider buying renewable energy credits instead. This would help support companies in their endeavor to generate clean energy from these resources, thus reducing the demand placed on the more polluting sources.

Reduction in Waste

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A lot of households have taken the initiative to reduce the amount of waste they produce. By opting to do the same, you can do your bit to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill on a daily basis. Recycling and reusing old materials would give the latter a new life in your home.

This would also reduce the energy used up in creating new products from virgin materials. Hence, a simple initiative like recycling old items in your home instead of throwing them away would do your home and the environment a whole lot of good in the process.

Reduction in Vehicle Emissions

Young Woman Riding Bike In Park

Opting to take the public transportation or walk/ride a bike to work can help you save the environment in more ways than one. In addition to reducing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by your fuel or gas powered vehicle, walking or riding a bike to nearby places would help you get some much needed exercise in the process.

Added Energy Savings

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And finally! One of the best ways in which going green would help you in the process of saving the environment is by reducing your energy costs to a great extent. A green building will use up less energy for heating or cooling purposes. This would translate to lower energy related costs as well, saving you plenty on your electricity bills. Even simple updates like installing sealing insulation and opting for a properly sized HVAC system would help achieve this as well.

If you have never thought about going green before, now might probably be the right time to start thinking. From getting healthier food and access to clean energy to enjoying added energy savings, there are manifold benefits you can enjoy by going green today.