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7 simple tips to turn your office green

Green Office

Do you care about the environment? Today, we are experiencing many issues related to environment pollution and global warming, continuously. No need to blame anybody because, actually each and everyone is responsible for this. If you have a little care and dedication, definitely you can save our earth and nature. Going green is not a hard task to implement. You can make small changes in your lifestyle to save the environment. Let us discuss some points based on the topic. Here, some techniques are explained that can be implemented at your office in order to turn your office green.

1. Join a green credit scheme

What about joining a green credit scheme? This innovation was finalized in the Kyoto Protocol and nearly 170 countries are joined in the scheme, until now. This scheme provides the companies a chance to purchase a certain number of credits. The contributed amount can be used to create a renewable-energy source as a compensation of the harmful emissions caused by the companies.

2. Power Management

By implementing certain power saving systems, you can save a lot of energy not only in your home, but also in the office. ‘Energy star’ rated power saving systems can be activated. Such systems provide a low power to your computers. In an inactive state, you can turn it to a sleep mode. It really saves a lot of power and protects the environment. You can set the computers to standby mode or hibernating state after a long period of inactivity. Now a lot of energy-saving software packages are available exclusively for company uses and business purposes. Some of them deliver more efficient services and by applying these, more energy can be saved.

3. Re-use paper

Paper is being produced from trees. For the production of each sheet of paper, a lot of trees should be cut. So a recycle mission is a necessary thing in every office. There are few things about which you need to pay attention. Ensure that you use less quantity of paper in a day. Reduce the quantity of paper waste by reducing the mistakes which happen while your office works. Recycle the paper wastes if possible. When you recycle them, you need to use only less amount of energy and water.

4. Turn off lights

Do you wish to increase the life of the bulbs that you use in the office? If yes, turn it off while you’re not at work. A bulb consumes only 10- 15 % of energy for providing light. Other parts of energy are being used for heating and the production of by products. Remember this whenever you switch on the lights.

5. Compost

Creating a compost bin is a great idea for waste management in your office and house. Instead of throwing away, you can reuse the waste in the form of compost. It can be used as good manure for the garden. You can list down a lot of uses of compost. Moreover, through waste management, you really protect the surroundings from many harmful things and save a lot of money too.

6. Daylight strategy

If your office gets enough light and ventilation during the daytime, what is the need of artificial lamps? So avoid the usage of lights during the daytime. Select large windows for your office that provide maximum daylight. Paint the office walls with light colors and surely this is an optimum way to get maximum light. By implementing this tip, you can save a lot of energy and money.

7. Use electronic documents instead of printing

Electronic documents like PDF, e mail, etc can be used instead of printing. This is an easy way and a good option for communication. A lot of paper waste can be reduced, and you can save energy.

However, going green is a great way which never needs any investment from your side other than dedication. As a responsible human being, it is your duty to save the earth and nature.