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7 Simple ways to save energy

Save energy

Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. Saving energy should be the primary goal for this generation. When you save energy, it not only saves your money but also it reduces the demand for oil, petrol, natural gas kind of fossil fuels. Also when less fossil fuels are burned less amount of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere so there will be less pollution and also it will put a check on the global warming. There are so many ways to conserve energy. Nowadays there is a good energy efficient alternative available in the market for every electrical appliance we use. So, this gives the consumers a good choice to save the energy and power and money. Energy need to be conserved because most of our current energy sources are non-renewable and their sources are limited on earth. The following are 7 ways to conserve energy.

1. Carpools and public transport

A carpool is made up of two or more people sharing a ride in a private or company automobile. These carpools save a lot of energy as they are somewhat common means of transport for people so a lot of energy is saved. One can choose the timings and other options as these transport facilities are flexible.This will save money and also energy. It is one of the best options to save fuel and energy. You can choose your neighbors or friends or relatives as a part of carpool. You can also use the public transport for traveling which will save energy and also some money for you as public transport is cheaper and an added benefit is you can meet new people everyday.

2. Shop carefully

You must shop wisely and carefully, as this will also save energy. To elaborate, when buying electrical appliances like bulbs, tubes, etc, always watch out for energy star rated appliances. These will help you in reducing your energy costs which in comparison to the others do not save you energy.

3. Plant a tree

Now, this is the best we can do. Plant plenty of trees in your backyard or neighborhood. You do not need to give them anything but they will give you a lot in return. Trees can combat the carbon emissions more than anything and they will not cost you a penny. Trees save the heating and cooling costs. This results in less fossil fuel burning to generate electricity for altering the temperature from heat to cold. Placing trees that is a minimum 3 trees around home can reduce air conditioning costs to at least 30%.

4. Switch to reusable energy

Use reusable energy like solar energy that is free and unlimited and helps you save money. Solar energy can be used as a means for carbon reduction so in turn saves energy. This can be used for purposes like heating the house in winter and also water used for household purposes like cleaning, bathing etc. Solar panels is a cost-effective technology. Solar panels fixed on the roof can provide energy all day long and also reduce electricity costs.

5. Use appliances smartly

Appliances at home when used wisely can save loads of energy. Try cooking with toaster oven as small appliances like this will save more energy. Microwave ovens cook food faster and will shorten your cooking time which saves energy. Before buying appliances for your home be careful in choosing the right one. Choose the right size as a big one will be wasting a lot more energy. Place your refrigerators away from sunlight or a heat source as this will prolong the cooling time of the appliance so more energy is consumed. Also always do full loads in the dishwasher as this will take the same amount of energy and water when used smaller ones. Try doing the house hold chores in the evening as it is much cooler then and you do not have to turn on the air conditioner.

6. Home improvements

Simple home improvements can help save energy and money at home. Keep monitoring your energy use at home. By doing so, you can cut back 15% of your electricity bills, by knowing how much power you are using and how you can cut back on it. Install dimmer switches that will double the life of your bulbs at home and also save energy. Set a programmable thermostat can help you save almost $200 a year by turning down the heat at certain times of day or night. You can save up to 10% of the energy, if you use thermostat wisely.

7. Reduce reuse and recycle

The final tip is try reducing your energy consumption habits. Always try reusing things like shopping bags, and recycle all bio-degradable products like paper and organic waste. This will save energy. Try using things that can be used several times, e.g. instead of using disposable lunch bags or boxes and glasses use reusable ones. Try carrying your lunch or snacks in the same box everyday.

Whether you are an individual, an organization, a business or a government, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce your carbon emissions, save energy. So, follow some above mentioned steps and save energy and save earth.