8 Amazing Things to Do In Phuket

Visit Wat Chalong

Phuket is a rare blend of the blue seas, rainforest, and mountains. This island in Thailand has emerged as one of the most favourite destinations for adventure seekers and seekers of serenity alike owing to its diverse terrain. If you think it is just the picturesque landscape of Phuket that attracts tourists from all over the globe, then you are gravely mistaken. Not only is this beautiful island a cradle of nature’s beauty but also has one of the most colourful nightlife and entertainment for you to break free. Phuket is also the first choice for those who are looking for a vacation on a budget. And, the hotels in Phuket are not only luxurious but also quite affordable which the cherry on top is. So, if you happen to be planning the itinerary of the Phuket trip, then here are the 8 things you must include in it.

  1. Cruise to Phang Nga Bay

Cruise to Phang Nga BayCruise through the emerald waters of the Phang Nga Bay on a leisurely boat ride and get mesmerized by the dramatic beauty of the limestone karsts jutting out of the water straight out of the James Bond classic, ‘The Man with The Golden Gun.’ One of the surreal islands has been named after our favourite Secret Agent after getting featured in the film. Once you have given your eyes the treat of this vision, you can treat your belly with some yummy seafood for lunch caught and prepared freshly by the fishermen of Koh Panyee Island. It is literally a floating market!

  1. Speedboat trip to Phi-Phi Island

Another Phuket spot which owes its spectacular fame to Hollywood is just a 45-minute speedboat ride away from Phuket. The Phi Phi Island is a group of 6 islands nestled within magnanimous rock formations looking. While some of these islands are inhabited, others are not which make them a perfect spot for a private romantic getaway with your love. This classic tropical beauty with its crystal clear turquoise water is a must visit and will surely add some enviable beauty to your Instagram feed.

  1. Some nocturnal fun at Bangla Road

Some nocturnal fun at Bangla RoadAs soon as the sun goes down, this sensation street comes alive. The street is lined with beer bars in the open along with lounge bars, discotheques, and live music to jazz things up. If this heady mix was not enough, then there are entertainers looking for a tourist catch and bar girls competing for customers, raising the temperature of the street. This place exudes nothing but high spirits and exhilarating fun. However, make sure to carry your sense of humour with you while visiting this tourist fave.

  1. Spend some time with Elephants

We hardly get enough opportunity to witness the beauty of wild animals up close and personal. Take the chance when you are in Phuket. Elephant Sanctuaries in Phuket is an attempt to bring us closer to the gentle giants with an ethical, animal-friendly interaction. This is a much better alternative to a short live elephant back ride which does nothing more than perpetuating cruelty towards these magnificent animals.

  1. Learn to cook some Thai delicacy

Thai delicacyIs there any better place to learn the much craved Thai cuisine than in Thailand? You can find a plethora of places to learn how to cook your fave Thai dishes. You may want to enquire your hotel first if they offer cookery classed because a lot of hotels actually do or just head over to the one nearest to you. This is the time you will discover the stark difference of flavours in authentic Thai dishes and the dishes served at the posh restaurants of your locality back home in the name of Thai cuisine.

  1. Absorb the view from the Karon View Point

This famous viewpoint is forever bustling with tourists and for good reasons. On one hand, there are the mesmerizing blue waters of the Andaman Sea, and on the other are the three white sandy beaches which create a contrast to behold for days to come.

  1. Visit Wat Chalong

Visit Wat ChalongPhuket’s largest and most visited temple is a true vision with its striking red roof and a body veiled in gold while the intricate and ornate glittering glass decorations only add to its distinctive beauty. The highlight of your visit is surely going to be the Grand Pakoda, which houses a splinter of Lord Buddha’s bone. The awe-inducing beauty of the temple kept aside, it will also bring you closer to Buddhist culture and teaching which is sure to broaden your horizons.

  1. Let Phuket’s Big Buddha amaze you

If there is one landmark that is attached to Phuket’s identity, then this is the image of this pristine white Buddha on Postcards. The magnanimous sculpture towering forty-five meters has been entirely carved out of Burmese marble and regally sits on top of the Nakkerd Hills. The place exudes tranquilly with the melodies of soft Dharma music and tinkling of small bells. The lofty hills give you a bird’s eye 360-degree view of Islands. You can reach this beauty via a 6 km winding road from Phuket’s main artery road and is an absolute must visit.

Now that you know what to do while you vacation on this beautiful Island. It is time to book your flight and hotels in Phuket. However, let us warn you that it can be quite a laborious task. So for a through and through relaxation right from the beginning of your trip and availing the best prices for hotels, resorts, spas and airfares, it is the best idea to collaborate with an online tour, travel and ticket booking portal. They not only give you massive discounts, but you can also segregate the hotels based on genuine reviews from other travellers, your budget, location or preference, facilities such as swimming pool, spa, etc., and then, pick the one that suits your needs the best. So, what are you waiting for? Go book your tickets and experience an adventure of a lifetime.

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