8 Reasons you should take climate change seriously

you should take climate change seriously

The topic of climate change easily sparks a debate in today’s world. While many are of the opinion that it is a genuine threat others think it is just propaganda aimed at disrupting business. The educated section of the world however knows the consequences of the alarming rate of climate change and know why it is something to worry about.

If you are someone you does not fully accept the catastrophic impact of climate change, this is the article for you. Here are some astonishing facts which should be good enough to convince you to take climate change seriously.

Some important reasons for you to take climate change seriously

  1. The rising sea level:
    The-rising-sea-levelThis is easily one of the biggest disasters caused by the phenomenon of climate change. With the rising global temperatures the Polar ice caps melt at an alarming rate. This results in a situation where the sea levels see a constant rise. The most obvious impact is faced by the coastal regions as all the major coastal towns and cities of the world face the threat of being submerged. Apart from that, this can also lead to frequent tsunamis and other disasters. With a predicted 5inch rise in the next 20 years this is a serious threat to the world and a major reason to take climate change seriously.
  2. Food production changes: If you are wondering why you should care, here is an important fact for you. The global food production too has suffered due to the changing climatic conditions. The population has always been on an upward curve but that has not been the case with the quantity of food produced. One of the astonishing facts is that the country of USA now produces the same quantity of food that it used to produce 40 years ago. Obviously the population has grown a lot and that has resulted in food items becoming expensive. In fact, if the effects to climate change were to continue the world would be faced with such a severe food shortage that it would cause famines over the world.
  3. Health and Disease:
    ZikaThere have been considerable advancements made in the field of medical sciences. This has kept your mind off the fact that the number of diseases and infections to hit mankind has increased considerably over the last decade. This has to do with the climatic changes that have been taking place in this whole time. Mosquito born diseases are on the rise particularly in the tropical countries. This is due to the climatic conditions which now suit the breeding of mosquitoes. Similarly there are new life threatening diseases on the block like the Zika. Even those allergic to poison ivy should be alarmed. The higher carbon di-oxide in the air means that they will have better conditions to grow and thrive in. If this does not make you worry about global warming we don’t know what will.
  4. Immigration: The last decade has seen a considerable rise in the immigration numbers. Much of this has to do with natural factors such as a crop failure or famines or natural disasters like floods and tsunamis. The rest of the world can neither turn their back on these immigrants nor can they comfortably accommodate them in their countries. This immigration problem however is only due to the climate and environment that is changing for the worse. If we are not going to take climate change seriously, the immigration problem can potentially ruin economies and stability of the world. Also it is more of a vicious cycle you cannot get out of.
  5. Forest fires:
    You must have seen the news of the recent forest fires that raged through large parts of Australia. In fact, it has now become a trend and the instances are rising by the day all over the world. Forest fires are just the effects of the rapid changes in the climatic conditions. They add up to the existing carbon dioxide in the system thus making it yet another vicious cycle of climate change.
  6. Reducing species: If you are a natural lover or a bird watcher or simply a hunter you have surely noticed this recent change of late. The numbers of lower game species are on the wane. The reason is the rapid climate change which did not even give these species the time to adapt. This is just an indication of how serious the issue of climate change has become in the modern world. It is thus high time that you take climate change seriously.
  7. Floods and droughts:
    We now have rising instances of floods and draughts. These are again a result of the changing climatic conditions which lack the balance. Whereas some places are getting too much rain resulting in floods there are areas that are so devoid of rain that land suffers drought conditions and crop failures. You better take climate change seriously to avoid such conditions.
  8. Business profits changing: This would be particularly noticeable if you were a businessman who dealt with maple syrup of the supplies of fresh lobster. The evil of climate change has shifted the production areas of such products and you may now have to move to continue your business. In many cases, the production is outright affected and that results in a significant amount of loss in such business that is nature dependent like honey or food products affected by climate change. This is yet another reason to take climate change seriously.

Final words

Keeping all these points in mind, we hope you realize the seriousness of the situation at hand. The situation is so bad that we all need to worry about global warming. Now that it has been clearly stated why you should care, please make the effort of actually doing your bit to make the world a better place to live in. If the world does not put in its combined efforts here it is soon going to be too late to repair the damage done.

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