Best ethical watch brands and watches for men and women

Best ethical watch brands

Finding a hundred percent Eco-friendly and ethical watch is a difficult task. Still, there are several brands producing watches using natural resources like wood, recycled metals, and vegetable tanned leather. Such brands try to inculcate earth-friendly technology to create both masculine or feminine watches.

Whether you are looking for a watch for personal use or to gift someone special in your life, without making any negative impact on the environment, you are on the right page. Check these incredible, Eco-friendly and ethical watch brands below.

  1. Votch

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    Everyone wants a timeless watch. “But wouldn’t you love it that the timelessness emanates out of natural, vegan watches?”. British brand Votch creates a stylish yet environmentally conscious and cruelty-free watches. One of the first brand to offer watches with vegan leather. Votch makes sure that their products do not harm the planet, human or animals. With different styles and colors, they have something for both genders. Be it unisex watches in black, silver or gold to feminine pink, they have every timepiece in the store. The brand use less known pinatex or pineapple leather that provides softness like real leather and gives simple yet elegant appearance for the everyday style. You will love the fact that apart from being Eco-fashion the brand is also active in charity as they donate ten percent of their sales. “Talking less and doing most”.Our favorites (priced between $155-$199/10,000-14,000 INR)
    For him: Black Piñatex
    For her: Powder Blue Classic

  2. JORD

    JORDThe brand uses thirteen different wood in their watches including Acacia, Bamboo, Ebony and many more. They use steel parts and cases inside the wooden watches that enhance durability while reduces wear and tear.Our favorite
    For him: Hyde – made of Ebony and Iron ($164)
    For her: Arcadia – made of rose gold and black marquina marble ($133)

  3. Original GrainOriginal Grain

    A man’s wardrobe deserves a fine timepiece. Wear a crisp white shirt with a black suit and a wood crafted watch and we are sure your lady will compliment. The Original Grains handcrafted wooden watch is the accessory you need to accompany your masculinity.
    Manufactured from recycled wood, this is the perfect take for meetings or clubs parties. Whether you like only wood or a combination of wood and metal, you will make the others covetous anyway. The brand has a large number of leather-free, sustainable and Eco-fashion watches for both men and women. And if you are a scotch fan, one of the watches from Barrel collection is made of recycled whiskey barrels.Our favorite
    For him: Brewmaster – made of stainless steel and wood ($319)
    For her: Moderne – made of Hawaiian Koa Wood ($152)

  4. Classic Engineering

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    As goes with its name, the watches from the brand are classic with plain white face available with different interchangeable leather straps. Made with vegetable tanned leather, all the watches are assembled in Amsterdam. Watches from Classic Engineering are crafted from scratch resistant steel and can be worn by anyone. One unique thing – the brand provides maintenance and repair service for the lifetime.Our favorite
    Unisex: silver VARIO with black strap ($249)

  5. Tense

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    Handmade in Canada, the brand uses hundred percent recycled or reclaimed wood combined with natural leather. Powered by Japanese Miyota movements and Swiss movements, these watches are completely customizable. So, you can choose the leather, wood, dial and even you can engrave your name on it. Suggestion – use it as a gift, engrave it with her/his name and then see the magic.Our favorite
    For him: Hudson – made with walnut and silver ($305.99)
    For her: Small Hempton – made with Zebrawood ($161.49)

  6. Eone

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    Inspired by a naval officer who lost his sight in Afghanistan, the watches from Eone combines form and function through its clever design that works for both sighted and visually impaired users. Simple and smooth design of the watch has two balls bearing rotating around the dial. One of them for minutes and other for seconds. People with normal eyes can obviously see the time while others with vision impairment can feel it using their hand. All the watches from this brand is handcrafted with a titanium face and recycled steel.With each sale, the brand helps East African blind people by providing brailer papers for a year or repairing brailler’s device. We are proud to have such brands in our world.Our favorite
    Unisex: Bradley Watch Canvas Noir Black ($255)

  1. TAG HeuerTAG Heuer Carrera Calibre

    The famous Swiss brand is constantly trying to reduce its environmental impact by including more Eco-friendly products in the manufacturing process. They are Eco-upgrading their current production units by installing solar panels on top and using recycled water for the laser-related work in the factories. They have also built a new green building for the production of new watches. As a part of Responsible Jewellery Council, they have stopped using Python skin in their products and purchase packages are no more plastic or any other man-made material, instead, they are using FSC certified wood for the same.Our favorite
    For him: Carrera Calibre 16/CV2A1R.BA0799 ($4, 800/3,68,000 INR)
    For her : Aquaracer ($2, 050/1,93,450 INR)

  1. Girard-Perregaux

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    Producing only 12, 000 watches per year, the brand is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council following ethical, environmental and social practice throughout their supply chain. The luxury brand is also a member of KERING’s sustainability strategy that includes using Fairmined metals, purchasing traceable gems and many other green trend in the production process.Out favorite
    For him: Laureato ($14,070)
    For her: Cat’s Eye Majestic ($15,440)

  1. Fonderie 47Fonderie 47

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    The brand focuses on a fact that old and end of life weapons can also harm the environment. Collectors from the brand take all the unused and expired part of dangerous and illicit weapons to transform them into killing accessories for men and women.Our favorite for men: Inversion Principle ($350, 000)

Whether it is by using recycled parts or following traceable guidelines, horologists are trying their best to offer greener and Eco-conscious products. Next time when you purchase a watch, make sure you choose something environment-friendly otherwise we will not be here to tell our story.

Some ethical watches that you can try

1. Citizen Men’s BM8180-54A Eco-Drive Railroad Watch in Stainless Steel

Citizen Men’s BM8180-54A Eco-Drive Railroad Watch in Stainless SteelThis is one classy piece amongst dress watches. The dial is white and has two hands which are luminous. The bracelet is of polished stainless steel. The display includes features for date and day being displayed on the dial. There is also a brushed stainless steel case and polished accent bracelet. It has an easy to read white dial along with Arabic numerals in red markers. The watch is railroad approved and the date and day window lies close to the 3 o’clock position.

The Citizen Eco Drive rids you from the mess of having to change a battery. Power reserve feature that works for 180 days is something to look out for. It is water resistant till a level of 100 Metres. The crystals of this watch are of mineral glass and the Bracelet features a push button with a fold over clasp system.

2. Casio Men’s PAW1100-1V Pathfinder Watch

Casio Men’s PAW1100-1V Pathfinder WatchThis is really a cool piece. Apart from the time display feature. This digital solar watch also displays digital altitude tenancy via a graph and also has a thermometer. The world clock is also a very cool feature and displays various time zones. Equipped with LED lighting and multiple alarm fixing systems, this Casio watch is all about contemporary features and style. It skillfully competes with the large display watches available today which have great multifunctional aspects.

The high-tech elements of this watch include a built-in altimeter with the digital altitude graph. This graph is highly suitable for people who engage in alpine winter sports and mountaineering activities. It also has a special atomic function for time keeping.

Apart from the functionality its got great looks too. It has a bold dial which is highly digital, a bezel out of stainless steel and a rugged band. It is water resistant and includes the feature of multiple time zones.

3. Pulsar Men’s PUA111 Gear Dive Watch

Pulsar Men’s PUA111 Gear Dive WatchPerfect strap on for diving and swimming. This is primarily because the watch is water resistant and can go as deep as two hundred meters below the water surface. The dial is luminous in a unique blue color which makes time viewing really simple and easy in every kind of lighting condition. There is an extension system present on the bracelet of the watch which is really handy as it lets users wear it over their dive suits.

The no battery changes are a big plus point to this watch. The Solar 4000 technology of this watch charges it through the slightest source of light. At less than 72 hours a low charge indicator starts off directing towards a solar recharge.

4. Timex Men’s T5J631 Ironman

Timex Men’s T5J631 IronmanThis durable shock resin strap watch is amongst the best solar powered watches in the industry. Adding to its popularity is the inexpensive price tag attached to it. The grey dial marks the day, date and month for this digital watch. In order to protect the dial from getting any scratches the watch has mineral crystals. It is also resistant towards water up to a depth of two hundred meters.

This watch is particularly designed to keep pace with serious athletes who have a bend towards success. This watch is light weight and has a resin case with a stationary metal bezel and a black resin wristband along with an adjustable buckle hold. The digital-gray dial is protected by the strong mineral crystal. The dial displays time, day, date and month.

Four buttons regulate the countdown timer, night mode features, dial control and Indigo nightlights for dark zones. This way athletes can successfully customize their workout plan. There is also a start-split button placed below the dial and for maximum efficiency there is the sleep mode too that retains eco-friendly features. At 660 feet this watch remains water resistant.

5. Citizen Men’s BW0203-01 E Eco Drive

Citizen Men’s BW0203-01 E Eco DriveThis classy watch with a Black Dial and Gold-Toneis perfect for baseball games. Its even better for dinner gatherings. Designed with a black square dial and a brown leather strap, the watch touches class and grandness while being economical on the battery changing part. The date is around the 3’o clock part.

6. Men’s watch made from recycled skateboard

Men’s watch made from recycled skateboardImage Source :

Wristwatches are the most common type of watch used today, it is a timepiece which is usually worn either around the wrist or attached on a chain and carried in a pocket. A watch is the single most important accessory a man can own- it is an essential style element. As we know, watches are usually made from steel, gold, silver, platinum and titan. What if a watch is made from waste material like skateboards?

Some innovative recyclers have done a great job with the waste material like skateboards and Etsy is one of the leading producers in exclusive handcrafted skateboards. They collect used, broken and unwanted skate decks from local skaters to form quality skateboard art, electronic guitars, watches and so much more.

This is a handmade men’s Skate Watch made from recycled skateboard. The face of this watch is made in Canada from used, old and broken skateboards. Its case and band is carved out of stainless steel, which gives a stylish look to watch. The materials used to make this beautiful watch include skateboards, both old and new, watch parts, broken skateboards, maple wood, skate wood and stainless steel.

This stunning watch comes in a handmade box with a lid made from 4-6 different skateboards and each box is different. Watch also comes with one-year warranty and the watch weighted 200g. This is a watch from Japan quartz moment and its water resistant quality increases its life. This is a perfect watch, which definitely will go with your all types of casual, formal and sportswear.

7. Yves Behar’s VUE watch

Yves Behar’s VUE watchMaking another foray into green packaging, Yves Behar has taken wraps off a fascinating watch named VUE watch that comes with a sustainable wrapper for its eco-conscious end users. Yesterday, Behar unveiled the timepiece – protected within a sustainable pad of recycled paper – on its Fuseproject site. Behar’s packaging can be used for drafting a gift-note, poetry or a grocery list.

The analog watch features a graphic circle for highlighting hour; you need to follow half-drawn sketches for guessing previous and next hour.

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