A beginner’s guide to maintain a hybrid vehicle

Interval of oil change

The hybrid cars are increasingly getting popular day by day. It is a car, which is new in the market, and many people are not aware of its maintenance and repair system. If you have an electric car, then you need little maintenance. But, to maintain a hybrid vehicle you need proper guidance. A hybrid car is a combination of regular engine and electric motor, which means it needs a lot of maintenance. If you maintain the hybrid vehicle properly, then it will reduce the wear and tear of gasoline parts of the car’s engine.

If you have a hybrid vehicle, then you should take proper care of the car. Hence, you should know the steps on how to increase the efficiency of the car. So, here is the guide to maintain a hybrid vehicle:

1.     Tires of the Car

Tires of the CarWhether it is a hybrid or electric car, you need to check the tires of the car on a regular basis. This is critical, otherwise you may find yourself in need of a personal injury attorney when your car crashes due to bald tires. The pressure of the tire is an important part in all vehicles. If you check the tire properly, then it will give you good mileage. Follow the manual of the car and car upgrade will become easy. If you have all the equipment at home, then it is for you to check the tires at home. But, it is always a good option to visit a garage and get the service done. If the time has come to replace the tire, then please do it to avoid any danger. When you are checking air pressure, do check the spare as well.

2.     Maintenance of Suspension

The suspension is again an important thing for a car. You need to maintain the suspension of the hybrid car. In this matter, you should take the help of the car’s expert who can give you the details about the car’s suspension. If you do not replace struts and shocks, then the condition of the suspension stays perfect.

3.     Battery of the car


The battery efficiency plays an important role in both the hybrid and electric car. You need to check it on a monthly basis to check where the connections are tight, and the terminals are free from corrosion. You need to check the level of the water on a regular basis, and fill it when they need. In hybrid cars, the electrical components are designed in such a way that the cars less maintenance. Some manufacturers also give warranty life on the battery so if anything happens, then they can visit their dealers to replace the batteries. It enhances the battery efficiency of the car.

4.     Lifespan of the car

Until the vehicle covered 80,000 miles, you do not have to replace the motor brushes.

5.     Brakes of the car

Brakes-of-the-carIn hybrid cars, you will get the regenerative feature of brakes. Well, the brake pads get less friction and heat. So, the brakes last long for the use. To take the benefit of this brake feature, you need to upgrade your driving style as well. After every 20,000 miles, please check the condition of the brakes. When the brakes of the car go for a toss, then it becomes difficult for a driver to drive the car properly. Also, it becomes too risky. So, you need to check the brake on a regular interval.

6.     Cooling Factor

The regenerative braking system generates enormous heat, and the cooling system should be in great condition. So, you need to check pipes, individual hoses, air filters, clamps, and check the cooling system and battery heating process. Car upgrade helps you control the cooling factor and maintain a hybrid vehicle.

7.     Check the Engine Oil

Check the Engine OilFor a hybrid car, you should use lower weight oil i.e. 0W-20 in comparison to ICE cars. The ICE cars require 0W-30 oil. Hybrid vehicles use specially designed Motul Hybrid 0W-20 “fuel economy” synthetic engine oil. It gives you a proper balance of fuel economy and engine lubrication. The oil can deal the multiple numbers of Starts and Stops of car’s burning engine during the operating phases of your hybrid vehicle.

8.     Engine Check

You should keep a regular routine of engine check. Hybrid car’s engine takes the help of the fuel to drive it properly. Hence, it also includes the checking of the engine oil. Compare to a petrol car, the engine of hybrid car wear and tear at a slow rate because it runs both on fuel and electricity.

9.   Maintain a regular schedule

Maintain-a-regular-scheduleImplement a car care schedule to enhance its lifespan. Always buy a hybrid car from a reputed dealer. It will help you maintain a hybrid vehicle from the car experts. So, you can plan your car servicing plans in a proper way, and this will increase the life of the car. So, you will get all the maintenance tips from the experts. They are always there to help you if you follow a regular schedule to maintain your favorite car.

10.     Interval of oil change

The use of combustion engine requires a longer interval of an oil change. To maintain a hybrid vehicle properly, do not forget to check the manual of the car. The car’s company will give all the detailed information in the manual through which you will get an idea on the interval of an oil change.

Final Words      

These maintenance tips are reliable, authentic and logical. You will get all the tips in the car’s manual. Still, if you have any doubt, then please visit your nearest dealer of the hybrid car. The expert will give you an authentic response, and you will get all the necessary details on the car. You need to follow the tips nicely so that you do not miss any single thing. After all, it is your big investment, and you should never neglect your car. If you take proper care of the car, then it will give you long lasting service. So, drive your car in style, and do not worry when you follow regular tips on the maintenance and repair.

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