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A comprehensive guide to help you greenify your life

by DrPrem Jagyasi

The global temperature is rising every year. What environmental activists were predicting for years is now coming true – the phenomenon of global warming. It’s time now for every person on the planet to start thinking about the environment.

Going green is the solution that can help in preventing further damage to the environment. Everyone can do this by educating oneself on how to reduce the carbon footprint and taking steps towards it. It just requires firm decision and commitment to save the planet. Read on to find out how you can contribute:

Educate yourself

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You can start by educating yourself about various environmental issues and how your decisions can impact the environment. You can find information on the internet or contact experts to understand how you can contribute. You can learn how to preserve and sustain your environment and take the necessary steps. You can reach out to your community to participate in your green efforts. Most people are interested in going green but they don’t know how to. Increasing your knowledge will be helpful to others close to you as you can share information. One person can thus lead the change in a community.

Opt for eco friendly means of transportation

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Greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles which use traditional fossil fuels are one of the most polluting factors today, leading to unprecedented climate change. You can reduce pollution and help save fuel by opting for greener means of transportation. Choosing to walk, using a cycle to reach your workplace or the grocery store can make a difference. Carpooling, using hybrid taxis and public transport for most of your needs will have a positive impact on the environment.

Eco gadgets to help you go green

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Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and there are many eco friendly gadgets to help you further reduce your carbon footprint. Many of the appliances in your home are available in greener versions. Green LED lights, water saving dishwashers, solar mirrors which behave as a light source, virtual keyboards, bags made of recyclable material are some things which will help you go green. You can search the internet to know where to find energy efficient gadgets to suit your needs.

Green your meals

 include green vegetables

Your meal choices are important if you want to completely greenify your life. Being vegan is the best choice as even vegetarian meals including dairy products offset a huge carbon burden. For meat eaters, battery reared chicken is better than grain-fed beef or pork. If you must have beef or pork, go for the grass-fed variety. If you’re a fish lover, you could eat fish caught near the shore as the difference in fuel consumption of fishing trawlers can range from 20 liters to 2,000 liters, if they go out to sea. Using the microwave is better than using your oven as it consumes 50% less electricity. And you’d be surprised to know that freezing your food is less carbon intensive than cooking every meal.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

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Reduce, reuse and recycle are the words to remember when you’re recycling. Reduce the use of things which cannot be recycled, use things which can be used many times and lastly, recycle as much as possible. Almost all the things in your house, from your computer, furniture, cars, mobiles, anything made out of metal, plastic, paper, wood and glass can be recycled. It’s also important to learn recycling etiquettes and follow the correct rules to recycle.

You can do your bit to help save the environment by choosing green options in all areas of your life and making conscious lifestyle choices to adhere to your decision to greenify your life.

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