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A felt computer mouse that adapts to the shape of your hand

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There’s plenty of research and development going into making computers and their peripherals eco-friendly by reducing the amount of power they use, but that isn’t the only way to save the environment while browsing the web. The felt mouse by Joey Roth shifts the focus to the materials used to build computer peripherals, while being ergonomically viable at the same time.

The design of Joey’s felt mouse is unlike any optical mouse you’ve ever seen. Sure, it’s an optical mouse and has two buttons and a scroll-wheel, but the most striking feature is that it is made completely of natural or recycled elements – wool felt, aluminum and teak. Joey’s reasoning is that a user’s hands are in contact with the mouse for large periods of time, and a regular mouse is made up of toxic plastic. That can’t be good news for your skin, now, can it?

Apart from just being natural, the felt mouse also molds itself into the shape of your hand, over a period of time, giving it something of a personal touch, and a feeling that it truly is your mouse. If you end up with one of these, be sure to warn guests with larger or smaller hands that they may feel a little strange to be using your computer to check their email!

Via: Treehugger