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A Jack Sparrow model made out of scrap metal

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We all love Jack Sparrow. In fact, it’s impossible to hate Jack Sparrow. The latest tribute to the world’s favorite pirate sees a massive 2.7 meter tall model of him made by Kreatworks, from Bangkok, who is clearly a very committed fan. What makes it more impressive is that the model is made completely out of recycled scrap metal and old auto parts that would otherwise have gone to waste.

Given the materials being used, you would be thinking, how good could it possibly look, right? Well, the pictures in the gallery below will tell you that the model looks absolutely phenomenal! It is coated with lacquer to prevent rusting, giving it a brilliant metallic sheen. The attention to detail is quite astounding. The whole model weighs in at around 450kg, and the official dimensions in centimeters are 270x100x120.

So, how much money would you have to part with to put metallic Jack into your backyard? A cool USD 7,700. We suppose its worth it, because the model has clearly taken a lot of effort to make.

Via: Etsy