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A new eco mall will double the size of Turin

The Green Initiative Continues In the From Of Turin by Oscar Farinetti


The green movement is taking over the face of Earth. And it is high time that this phenomenon happened- it was long due. The effects are showing in sectors like retail too, where the trend of green retailing or greentailing is becoming a common occurrence all over the world. The retailers are occupied with thoughts of sustainable business, general consumer health and business ethics.


Oscar Farinetti is out on a good mission

The latest to join the league would be Oscar Farinetti. He not only stays true to his ideology but also does not stop striving for newer ventures to explore. The founder of Eataly has tasted success with the brand and is now a known name worldwide. But that does not come into his way of trying out new things. He is not the one to fall back on his laurels and reap the fruits of his past success. He is one of those few who keep taking risks and setting examples for others to follow. For his latest venture, Farinetti has chosen Turin, whom many call his first love, to experiment with a new concept which is in congruence with the dire needs of both the economy and environment.

So, Farinetti is all set on opening a new complex which will be the first “Green Retail Park” in the world. This building is going to be located adjacent to the Carpano building of Lingotto area. This was where he started off in the year 2007, with his idea of thematic restaurants and stocks of products that people could hope to find only in the- once in a year- “Slow Food Fair”. This building will have retails products and services that have a vision of environment friendly, sustainable and social responsibility at the core of the organisation.


The building to become a green zone and to give refuge to all environment lovers and products

The building is going to be spread across an area of 20,000 sq metres space which is solely dedicated to everything eco friendly and green. By everything we mean food to clothing to automobiles- “good, clean and fair” which is also the motto of Slow Food Fair.

Since the building heavily propagates the funda of greenery and environment friendliness, the building itself stands true to it. It will be constructed out of sustainable materials and technologies that support the same. The southern part of the building will have natural screening and shading apart from the plant walls.

Plants and greenery all around

The roof will literally be a roof of plants and grass. This has been planned hoping to reduce the ill effects on the environment. The technicalities and detailing have been meticulously planned as the plants will reduce the cooling requirements and thus also affect the heat island effect considerably. The plants will filter particulate pollution in air and also absorb the din from the city. In the words of the architect Cristiana Catino, “we will use a range of sustainable technologies, materials and architectural interventions, including solar panels”.


It has been emphasised that the building will be occupied by stores that sell sustainable clothing, footwear, utilities and services that specialise in renewable sources of energy and focused on bio construction.  The complex will have products used in garden and biological vegetable garden, sustainable furniture food and biological cosmetics and products for household. Apart from these, there will be a food court and a well being centre.

Shopping and consultation

The extensive list does not end here. One can even invest in a green scooter or car. The central hall or atrium will accommodate an eco assistance zone which will be like a consultation area where people can actually come up and discuss their problems and seek advice on making their homes more energy efficient, on installation of solar planets or how to leave a positive impact on the environment in daily chores.

A great initiative by Farinetti, we all hope that it helps other retailers borrow a leaf from his book and try to replicate something similar.