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A wooden structure sitting on the woods offers scenic views

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Great view, sustainable dwelling and a peaceful environment makes a perfect recipe for a healthy lifestyle. Carl Fredrik Svenstedt Architect has put together all of this for the DS house in Les Mesnuls, France. The timber structure that is North/South oriented has sun facing entrance and the living areas, whereas the bedroom space extends towards north, creating wonderful views through the trees. The wood house is clad with an open wooden lattice, offering scale to the site.

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The interior of this green house is done in a way to create flowing circulation system within. A series of courtyards and long, narrow rooms are organized to offer multiple views. One can easily see from the inside through other rooms, through courtyards and further rooms, and through to the trees outside of the house. Sitting on the edge of the Quatre Piliers forest, the open wooden structures lets ample of daylight in. The energy-efficient D/S House was declared the winner of the Lauriers du Bois, the French National Timber Construction Prize, this year.

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Via: ArchDaily