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A Youth Boy Designs Eco-Friendly Cab

An Indian youth hailing from Tirupur has developed an environmentally safe cab, a modified cycle rickshaw of sorts, that has the capacity to run both manually or with the help of a battery. The vehicle is able to perform just as well as any normal fuel-based car. It can seat up to three individuals and is also able to attain a maximum speed of up to 45 km an hour. The batteries get charged with the help of solar energy.

Sivaraj Muthukumaran, the 26 year old, who came up with the concept of the eco-friendly vehicle, explains that the cab has the ability to store and transform mechanical energy, generated by the manual process of pedaling, in its battery.

Eco-Friendly Mechanism

The mechanism of the cab has been explained in detail by Muthukumaran, according to whom the vehicle is supposed to weigh a lot less than 120 kg and is provided with features that allow it to be pedaled. The vehicle makes use of two batteries meant for the purpose of cars and these same batteries will be connected to solar panels present in the vehicle.

Pedaling the cab fast enough will generate mechanical energy which, subsequently, will be saved to the battery too. Muthukumaran has outfitted the cab with batteries that can be recharged through direct current.

The vehicle promises not to emit any kind of smoke and can be maintained very easily. It will also serve as the perfect means for translocating students or other people who are travelling for short distances.

Intended Uses of the Vehicle

Armed with a master degree in business administration, Muthukumaran has already applied for patents and the process of completing works on the green cab is also underway. It seems that the vehicle will be set to hit the market very soon.

It may be possible to provide the vehicle at no charge at all or at reduced rates with the intention of serving individuals who are disabled.

Since the vehicle will not produce any smoke, it will not affect the carbon footprint of the environment in any way and thus, will not be held responsible for the process of global warming or the gradual change in the climate. Users of the car will also be spared unnecessary expenses involved with owning a car such as road taxes and increased fuel costs.

This eco-friendly vehicle will also prevent road rage due to its moderate speed and will help its users become safe and responsible drivers.

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