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Absolutely “à la mode” green fashion trends

by DrPrem Jagyasi

In a world where the environment has undergone several dreadful changes due to extensive human carbon imprint and where people, recently, are becoming more and more environment conscious, “green trends” are becoming extremely popular and wanted. These trends have emerged in every field including clothing and accessories. As a result eco-clothing has turned out to be a cleaner, greener and even more chic clothing option. Given below is a brief introduction to the various eco-friendly clothing options, their advantages and latest sustainable fashion trends.

Reasons to adopt sustainable fashion

  1. It is safe

Beautiful brunette woman wearing an elegant red dress posing fashion

Clothes manufactured conventionally with the help of chemicals, have a great negative impact on the environment and the buyers. Whereas, as organic or eco-friendly clothing is manufactured using natural and organic fibers and eco-friendly processes. The saves the precious resources and reduces the carbon imprint.

  1. It possesses a long lasting
Fashion Couple - Handsome Man and Classy Woman sitting. Togetherness

Fashion Couple – Handsome Man and Classy Woman sitting. Togetherness

Eco-friendly clothes are durable, long lasting and extremely chic and stylish. These clothes are never out of fashion and are always ready to be flaunted.

  1. They are free from allergies


Organic clothes are the perfect pick for people who are susceptible to allergies occurring from chemical dyes used for artificial coloring.

  1. They are biodegradable
Portrait of beautiful woman in coat looking down

Portrait of beautiful woman in coat looking down

Organically created clothes are easy to dispose and thus do not pollute the environment.

  1. Their manufacturing does not harm animals
Me and my puppy hanging out

Me and my puppy hanging out

Unlike leather and wool, the making of organic clothes does not require processes that harm and cause pain to animals and hence it is more ethical.

Types of Eco-friendly Fibers

  1. Bamboo

Bamboo fibers

Bamboo fibers obtained from bamboo plants are extremely soft and sturdy and provide a cool feel in summers whereas warmth in summers and are excellent for making sportswear. Also, bamboo is free from toxins, pesticides and fertilizers.

  1. Silk


Silk is one of the most expensive and highly in-demand natural fibers due to its unique luster and super smooth texture.

  1. Organic cotton


This is the most popular of all the organic fibers and is used for making all types of garments.

  1. Hemp


Hemp is well known for its extra-ordinary ability to capture and store atmospheric CO2. This is also known as carbon sequestering.

Other Eco-friendly Fashion Accessories

  1. Eco-friendly shoes

She made her choice.

Apart from eco-friendly clothes, even shoe manufacturers are now going green. These shoes are manufactured using natural materials organic cotton, hemp, wool, cork, rubber, recycled rubber, plastics and fabrics including bio-degradable synthetic leather and vegetable tanned leather.

  1. Eco-friendly jewelry

Eco-friendly jewelry

Remember that old saying – ‘Old is Gold’. Eco-friendly green or ethical gold is becoming increasingly popular these days.

Being fashionable while being considerate towards the environment might seem to be a pie in the sky, however, not if you give it a thought to the source of the materials needed to make your clothes and their eco-friendly alternatives.

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