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ABYU Lighting designs cute creature-like lamps for kids

Who says recycled products are all dull and boring? Just have a look at this plastic bottle creature lamp and decide for yourself. Doesn’t it look interesting? You will be surprised to know that this funny-looking lamp is a recycled product made from plastic bottles. The credit for designing this cute lamp goes to a company called And Bob’s Your Uncle. Many such lamps have been designed, all of which resemble the shape of some fancy creatures.

Plastic Bottle Creature Lamps

The creativity used in designing these lamps is very impressive. Almost all of them are made out of old and outdated plastic detergent bottles, which would otherwise be lying around giving rise to plastic waste. The moment they were decorated with eyes, feathers, tails, hands, etc., they got transformed into beautiful lamps that can enhance the beauty of your house.

According to the director of the company, these stunning lamps were earlier made to attract only the kids. These creature-like lamps were very suitable to function as a night lamp in a kid’s room. However, the extraordinary design not only attracted the kids, but also the adults. These recycled lamps are, therefore, becoming a hit among people of all ages.

So, if you are looking for something unique and exceptional for your house, this plastic bottle creature lamp, which is worth $185, can be the perfect product. Purchasing this product will not only allow you to bring home the most extraordinary lamp, but at the same time help you to enjoy all the joys of recycling and protecting the planet.

Via: Re-nest