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Adorn your home in a green way with sculptures made of recycled metal

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What is it?

Metal Recycling is indeed of paramount importance to save the environment. Metals are non-renewable resources and the ever-increasing rate at which they are being used is alarming. Recycled metal is as good as new, because it retains the most valuable qualities like strength and durability. A sculptor from Germany shows us how it’s done in a stylish and artistic way.

Evolution of Metal is a series of metal sculptures created by the artist, wholly out of waste metal. The artist has used only discarded metal parts, which were considered as trash by others, to design some beautiful functional sculptures. This product is not only a unique and interesting decorative item but it also highlights the importance of recycling metal.

The artist

The artist who has created these amazing sculptures is Stefan Heidle, who hails from Stuttgart, Germany.

The Inspiration

The whole series is the artist’s vision of the patterned use of materials that surround us. The figures he has created resemble robots in various postures and are quite interesting to look at. His work breathes new life into discarded scrap metal.

The Material

Stephen Heidle has used Industrial scrap metal to create his sculptures. Not only do the figures look interesting, they also serve the purpose of saving the earth. Metals are non-renewable resources and conserving metal prevents further mining, moreover metal waste translates into release of metallic particles in our ecosystem. This series shows how one can recycle metals to create something artistic and unique. His creations are all made up of out-of-use industrial machinery.

The Artwork

The figures created are large sculptures resembling robots and four legged figures. Looking at these, it is clear that the materials used to create them were disposed of and now they have been retrieved to create something so artistic and wonderful. They can find a place in any home, not only as mere decorative pieces but also as real, functional pieces. A lot of effort has gone into creating these figures, as the metal pieces have not been welded together, instead they have been attached with screws to give the impression of a giant puzzle that has been put together. To derive the maximum pleasure out of these works of art, one must see then in real life, only then can one truly appreciate them!

Green Aspects

The series demonstrates a wonderful and creative way to recycle scrap metal. It has the potential to encourage others to recycle metal in innovative ways. It is created in an eco-friendly way and helps to spread awareness about the importance of metal recycling and how it benefits the environment. It also to a certain extent contributes in minimizing exploitation of the earth’s resources, as it re-uses metals that have been discarded.

Via: Behance