Advantages of installing a solar-powered well pump system

If you are looking for an energy efficient yet powerful water drilling system, the all new technologically modified solar powered well pump system might just be the right choice for you. Read this article to know more about the advantages of installing the solar powered water pumps.


The biggest trouble associated with digging water in remote areas is the supply of electricity at these locations. Solar pumping is devoid of any external power source. The sun and the solar panels provide all the electricity needed.
Unlike the solar pumps of the past, the modern solar powered pumps are more productive and powerful. They are high power commercial products.

Stainless steel is used for pump housing and pumping mechanism because it causes minimal damage due to sand and other particles. They are loaded with brushless DC motors, which eliminate the need to change the brushes after regular time intervals.

The solar pump systems are more affordable. You can buy a complete basic set up in $2000. They are now also easily available because of the solar panels and solar cells. Higher potential systems may cost more with the increase in depth and flow rate.
After the initial cost of the system, you do not have to bear any other ongoing operation expenses.

Entrenchment of main power supply to the remote areas is both, time and money consuming. The solar powered water pumps are completely independent of electricity.

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You can get the full system right at your doorsteps within a few days time.  Most of the standard systems can be shipped normally without freight shipping to any location and residency.

All the components of the solar powered well pumps are customizable and can be updated whenever required. Extra solar panels can added in case of more performance needed and water to be pumped at night.


With very less mechanical parts and brushless motors, these pumps are very easy to maintain.

The solar panels and pumping mechanisms are parts, which may need occasional but cheap maintenance. You should wash the solar panels every two years to retain its best performance, while the pumping mechanism should be replaced after every five years.

These are very easily to install and can be installed in a sole weekend. No soldering is required, as all the components are made with connectors that are waterproof; and the pump, panels and sensors are connected to the controllers with the help of screw terminals.

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