Advantages of using wind energy as an alternative source of energy

With the increasing energy demands of the modernized world, the global society is forced to confront various environmental challenges and hence there is an urgent need to switch to the alternative sources of energy like sun and wind for power generation. The fossil fuels that form the major source of our power consumption are non-renewable and hence would get depleted very soon. In such scenario, renewable resources of energy are very beneficial because they are clean and have very less impact on our environment. They generate power with little pollution and no global warming.


The wind energy is one such renewable resource of energy that has been used since generations right from 5000 B.C where it was used to navigate to the present world where a number of devices including mobile covers use the wind energy as a source of power. Wind power is the most extensively used energy resource of the world and forms the most rapidly growing industry. The Chinese and Babylonians were among the first to harness wind energy to run their water pumps and irrigation needs.

The working of the wind power is easy to comprehend. The atmospheric heat received from the earth is distributed unevenly, making some parts warmer than others. The warmer air rises up and it results in the formation if wind.


With the help of a tower that has large propellers energy can be generated by the wind flow. Greater number of towers and propellers result in more amount of energy generation. The size of the propellers should be large to enable greater utilization of energy. With the development in technology, the wind power has now become more affordable enough to compete with the traditional fossil fuels. Wind energy is thus only second to natural gas in the ability of generating electricity.

The utilization of wind energy is the most advantageous because it produces no emissions and it is also a very reliable source of power since wind is almost all the time blowing. The major advantage of wind power is that it reduces our dependence and thus reduces the requirement of oil.

The only drawback in using wind energy is that it is still only a supplementary source of energy and thousands of wind farms are required to generate large amount of energy, which is very difficult since the area required for constructing just one wind farm is very large.

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