Air Fryers: The Trending Energy-Efficient Cooking Appliance

Air fryer machine with chicken and vegetables

Air fryers have been growing in popularity since the PhilipsElectronic Company introduced the first model into the market in 2010. These modern cooking appliances make cooking multiple ingredients at the same time easy. Over the last few years, air fryer owners have been raving about their new trusty kitchen appliance, so it is not surprising so many home cooks are investing in one of their own. Many feel that it is a game changer in the kitchen, as it allows people to cook dinner in a short space of time.

Most of us enjoy fried foods, but cooking meats and vegetables while they are submerged in oil isn’t the healthiest option. With an air fryer, the days of cooking ingredients submerged in unhealthy oil is a thing of the past. This method of cooking allows you to eat great tasting low calorie food. If you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but you don’t feel like making drastic changes to your current diet, then an air fryer can make a big impact in your life.

1. Save Energy


Nowadays, most people worry about the planet’s environment, so when they are shopping for a new kitchen appliance, they should take note that a lot of modern devices readily available can help them reduce the amount of energy they consume in the kitchen. In comparison to conventional food warming equipment, like microwaves and ovens, most air fryers use a lot less energy.

When you use an air fryer, you are in complete control of the cooking time, which means you can cook food faster than other methods. Being able to control the amount of power your air fryer uses can help you reduce the amount of energy the device uses. For example, lots of folks use their air fryer to cook frozen french fries, which will only take you fifteen minutes in an air fryer. You can reduce cooking time by about twenty percent, which not only saves you time, but it will help you avoid getting hit with high utility bills. This high performance cooking device is one of the greenest kitchen appliances out there.

During the summertime, cooking with traditional cooking appliances can be almost unbearable due to the extra heat in the kitchen. Air fryers emit less heat because they use a sealed cooking compartment. Because the device releases very little heat, the energy that is used is able to focus on cooking the ingredients, rather than heating your kitchen.

2. It Can Make Delicious Food

Many people who enjoy fried food are often reluctant to buy an air fryer because they feel like it will compromise the flavor. However, after buying an air fryer, you will be pleasantly surprised that you can make your favorite fried meals, without changing the flavor. Not only that, but it will also retain the ingredients’ crispiness, so it will taste like you have cooked your food with traditional cooking appliances.

An air fryer is a multifunctional appliance that not only allows you to fry food, but you can also use it for baking, steaming, roasting, and even grilling. For those wanting to reduce the amount of food they waste in the kitchen, it is a great device for reheating leftovers.

If you have cooked with a deep fryer in the past, you might have noticed that the appliance uses a separate timer and thermometer to ensure food cooks properly. Even with these features on board, it’s often difficult to get the temperature right. With an air fryer, you will be able to make accurate timer and temperature adjustments. This will help you to cook food properly every time you use the air fryer.

3. Even Inexperienced Home Cooks Will be Able to Produce Great-Tasting Meals


You don’t have to be a trained chef to figure out how to operate the device. It is simple to use, and the majority of air fryers have an interface that makes cooking delicious food straightforward. Some people who struggle with technology think they won’t be able to get their head around a cooking appliance with a small screen and complex buttons, but an air fryer is designed so that almost everyone in the kitchen will be able to master it within a few minutes. However, just because it is user friendly, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t handle it with care. Before turning on your air fryer for the first time, make sure you read the manufacturer’s instruction manual first to avoid accidents in the kitchen.

An air fryer normally has between three and five buttons. Here are what the buttons will do:

  • Adjust the cooking time
  • Adjust the temperature
  • On/Off button

At first glance, these buttons might confuse you (especially if you are new to cooking), but at a closer look, it couldn’t be more straightforward. If you have mastered the microwave, you should have no problems figuring out how an air fryer works.

Most home cooks welcome easy-to-use modern kitchen appliances with open arms, not just because they make cooking easier, but because they are often easy to clean. Cleaning up after using traditional methods of cooking can cause a lot of frustration. Disposing the old oil in a deep fryer and having to clean the greasing cooking utensils is not the nicest job in the world. Cleaning an air fryer only takes a couple of minutes. All you need to do is put the pan and the basket inside the dishwasher!

4. Lots of Recipes

Because people are obsessed with their air fryers, they have become a hit on social media. These devices have managed to generate a cult following, and you can go on major social media platforms and find lots of different groups and forums dedicated to air fryers. If you are in doubt, open up Instagram and type in #AirFryer and see for yourself. You will find hundreds of different recipes.

There are plenty of websites publishing free air fryer recipes on a regular basis. If you have run out of ideas on what to cook, you don’t have to spend a small fortune on cookbooks. Instead, with the click of a button, you’ll have lots of recipes home cooks have uploaded to the web.

If you are finding it difficult to get the hang of your air fryer, even after reading the instruction manual, there are plenty of air fryer tutorials published to streaming platforms like YouTube. These easy to follow videos might help you to take your cooking to the next level.


During these unprecedented times, lots of families have found themselves in financial difficulty, so investing in a brand new kitchen appliance that costs a small fortune might not be possible. However, you can pick up an air fryer for as little as $80. Plus, it can save you a lot of cash on your utility bills too.

A lot of folks think that an air fryer is just another fad. They have seen this electrical appliance in their friend’s or family members’ kitchens and thought that it was just another gimmick that will go out of fashion at any time. But air fryers have helped change the way we cook fried food for the better, and many believe they are here to stay for the long run.

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