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AIRPOD: Air-powered car to be unveiled this year

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The latest inclusion to the list of eco-friendly vehicles is the Air Car, better known as AIRPOD. When Zero Pollution Motors unveils it, this year itself, you would see this compact three-wheeled vehicle generating 75HP from its six-cylinder air-powered engine. There will be an air compressor to pressurize air in the car’s tank. Running for 120 mile at a stretch at a peak speed of 50 mph, the car will simply outclass other vehicles in its category.

Unique features:

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The lightweight transport medium – especially designed for urban regions – can easily accommodate three people. While the rear window serves as an entrance for passengers, the driver enters the car through a windshield. A joystick substitutes a steering wheel. At slow speeds, the air released from the tanks pushes pistons as in a gasoline car. When it’s driven at higher speed, a small motor heats the air to release it more quickly for more power.

Expected pricing and would-be clients:

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Much before actually hitting the shelves, the eco-car is attracting influential clients. Air France is one of them. Car industry veterans expect it to retail for $8,500-$10,800.

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Image Credit: MotorAuthority

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