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Alison swaps garden shed into eco-friendly nail art salon

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People love dressing up and the craze to look good has got extended till their nails now. French manicures and different type of nail arts are ruling the fashion arena. It unfurls a vivacious world, which can instantly liven up our looks. What happens when I say the world salon? I know most of you will imagine yourself sitting in a swanky area, which will make you feel like a princess. But, Alison Massey is out to change this image in a greener way.

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The woman from Shaw Drive, Knutsford has swapped a garden shed into an eco-friendly nail art salon. The eco shed has been designed and crafted by her husband, Tim and looks very simple. It has been made from salvaged materials and vows to save the beautiful surroundings. Tim constructed it to play cards and have a leisure time with his pals, but destiny had other plans. He gifted his wife a gel nail art kit on Christmas, which stirred her to start this business. Alison started painting her kids’ nails and realized it was not as difficult as she had anticipated it to be.

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To hone her skills further, she did an NCI course before commencing her eco-friendly nail art business. The shed has an element of warmth and manages to attract a lot of customers. It is a great way to befriend the environment and save it from further deterioration. So, if you ever visit Shaw Drive, Knutsford, do get your nails a touch of eco-friendliness at this green shed.

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Via: Guardian