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All-electric Superbus combines clean transportation with luxury

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Conceived and raised by UT Delft students, The Superbus is an all-electric, carbon-fiber 23-passengers vehicle. Since the bus is capable of cruising at a 130 miles an hour, the commute in future is definitely going to be much faster and eco-friendlier than it is today. The low-chassis bus has entrenched lithium-polymer batteries that power its 800 HP electric motors. Sixteen gullwing doors, fully independent, are there to boost its sleek look and passengers’ convenience as well.

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Jointly headed by Prof. Dr. Wubbo Ockels, the first Dutch astronaut and a professor at TU Delft, Antonia Terzi, an engineer and a senior aerodynamicist from BMW-Williams Formula 1 racing, and Joris Melkert MSc, the man behind NUNA 3, the world’s fastest solar car, the project team also includes students working under them.

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The team has done a tremendous job in supplying the vehicle with high-volume air conditioning, two rows of facing seats and a working space in between. Operating costs and fares will be at par with current fares, however, the mass transit will get better for sure.

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Via: Inhabitat/Jalopnik