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‘Almost Zero’ waste concept to make your dressing style go green

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Iceberg-Inspired Spring/Summer 2011 collection has been conceived by Titania Inglis, a designer from Brooklyn. Her collection includes a long denim skirt, organic-cotton shirting and a wide-leg trouser and blouse, all made from eco-friendly materials. Timo Rissanen, an assistant professor at Parsons-The New School for Design gave her all the guidance throughout. The whole line has been woven around the “zero-waste” concept. The designer has made sure that all the fabric is utilized, which hardly leaves anything to be thrown away hence, keeps the environment clean and green.

The designers:

Titania Inglis live in Brooklyn, USA and is a fashion designer by profession. She completed her studies from the Design Academy Eindhoven. Inglis is a true environment lover and rides everywhere on her vintage bicycle in Brooklyn. She works closely on all the details and her designs come wrapped with clean cuts. The designer likes crafting minimalistic designs, which will decorate your closet for quite some time. She has a blog named Fade to Green, where Inglis writes all about her rendezvous with fashion.

The inspiration:

The collections named, Titania Inglis Spring/Summer 2011 has derived heavy inspiration from icebergs that are spotted in Greenland.

The green factor:

Natural fabrics and dyes (that again were derived naturally) have been used to craft the Titania Inglis Spring/Summer 2011 collection. One look at the clothes and you will be left amazed at the amount of creativity they show. Organic cotton dyed along with natural indigo, was used for the light-blue Japanese denim whereas bias dress and tee were made using very thin organic-cotton shirting. A wide-leg trouser and blouse were designed from a fabric which was a mixture of silk and organic-cotton twill. All the clothes were colored using natural dyes and hence, have no ill-effect on the environment. In addition, she makes an extra effort not to throw any material, achieving an almost zero-waste collection. This way she ensures that the surroundings look beautiful always.

The fab factor:

All the garments rank high on the fashion graph and have been stitched in a way that makes them look classy. Inglis has made sure that minimum wastage is done while bringing her collection to life. The very famous Garment District, present in New York, is where each piece is stitched meticulously. Each piece will tempt you to go green eben while dressing.

The ensemble:

This fabulous collection includes a long skirt, shirting, a blouse and a wide-leg trouser, all stitched at Garment District, present in the New York City. Inglis has used natural dyes to color all the garments for her “Almost Zero” collection. Inglis has tried to generate minimum waste while fashioning all the clothes. She has used organic cotton dyed with natural indigo, for the light-blue Japanese denim while bias dress and tee has been created from thin organic-cotton shirting. On the other hand, a wide-leg trouser and blouse have been made from a mixture of silk and organic-cotton.

According to Titania Inglis

I absolutely fell in love with the light-blue Japanese denim I used, which is organic cotton dyed with natural indigo, so I challenged myself to make a long denim skirt that would look modern, and that skirt became the departure point for the rest of the collection.

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