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Amara Gold unveils recycled precious-metal jewelry for modern fashionista

Recycled precious-metal jewelry

Jewelry pieces can change the whole look of a person in no time. Amara Gold, headed by Maria Canale, is out with a line of sustainable ornaments in gold and sterling-silver. The collection has been intricately conceived and is very eye-appealing. Each piece comes with an eco-friendly tag and vows to protect the environment.

Maria is a true environment lover and fetches heavy inspiration from nature. The debut collection has been stirred by organic forms around us. The sustainable collection includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, which will make the wearer all the more elegant. All these pieces have been made from recycled metals and no fresh materials have been used. The ornaments are unique in their own sense and have been sprinkled with a fresh life.

Don’t get fooled by the delicate appearance of these trinkets. Each piece is scratch-resistant and is very strong. It will not change appearance that may happen because of bending, breaking, scratching, or stretching. These fine pieces of jewelry are a true picture of talent and will create a green fashion statement. The dainty collection comes wrapped with eco-friendly qualities. The precious-metal jewelry will sparkle with all their worth and prove that even waste is useful. Be ready to fetch praises and make people turn ‘green’ with envy.

Via: Ecouterre