Five amazing artworks made with matchsticks

Creativity has no limits and some artists have literally proven the same with their extraordinary works of art made from run-of-the-mill items. Take for example the magnificent artworks created with just matchsticks, which include replica of world famous cars and monuments. Artists use hundreds and thousands of matchsticks scrupulously to create such amazing pieces that are sure to impress lovers of art and design. After the jump are five such amazing artworks made meticulously from matchsticks

Tribute 2 – John Walker

Tribute 2 – John Walker is a gratitude paid by the designer, Thomas Pivette, to John Walker, the inventor of modern day friction matchstick. Thomas, who presently works as a designer in Melbourne, Australia, made use of ten thousand matchsticks to create this outstanding art form. ‘Tribute 2- John Walker’ is the second artwork of its kind in the tribute series. The designer paid out nineteen dollars and bought two hundred and twenty three matchboxes that had forty-five matchsticks in each. He used these matchsticks to form a graphical pattern where the name of the inventor ‘John Walker’ is beautified with a raised pattern, making it eye catching. The tribute series include all those creations that are made to give a tribute to the people who contrived minor objects for everyday use.

Intricate insects made with matchsticks

Brighton, UK based artist and designer Kyle Bean has created some wonderful artefacts by making use of matchsticks, which people normally use to light up the fire. Kyle Bean has employed the artistic side of a usual matchstick and crafted creepy insects out of it. The designer specializes in handy craftwork, art direction and prop styling. With some glue and matchsticks, the creations of these intricacies require a lot of patience. Kyle’s detailed artwork like the ‘Stick Insects’, makes use of everyday objects like matchsticks and paper and even found materials like wood, eggshells etc.

Matchstick Man

Japanese artist, Ryo Shimizu, has created a human sculpture entirely by matchsticks. The matchsticks were assembled in a brilliant way to form the structure. Thousands of matchsticks were used initially to give the shape of a human body in a sitting pose. On passing light through the figure, it appeared unique and beautiful. The concept of this masterpiece was very intriguing and it requires a lot of hard work and patience. You can perceive the effort and creativity put forward by the artist only by observing the marvellous structure. The genius artist has termed this kind of artwork by using matchsticks as matchstick drawing.

Mercedes McLaren F1 made from matchsticks

Matchstick master Michael Arndt has turned the ordinary household object that is matchstick into an extraordinary piece of craft. He has created a full scale Mercedes model of McLaren 4/41 F1 car by making use of 956,000 matchsticks along with 1686 tubes of glue. He spent six thousand Euros and a span of six years to turn his imagination into the incredible reality. Of course, the hard work and the tremendous amount of patience put by the artist cannot be refrained. The fantastic artefact can be easily split into forty-five pieces for transportation of the artwork for displaying at matchstick builders assemblies and exhibitions. A single person can be seated inside the matchstick replica of Mercedes-McLaren F1 car and can fit inside his kitchen.

Matchstick Taj Mahal

Making use of the tiny wood sticks and creating a small detailed sculpture like the Taj Mahal takes a great deal of time and patience. But, Indian artist Shaikh Salimbhai took it as a challenge to make a magnificent structure of matchsticks and thus created the small scale prototype of one of the eight wonders in approximately a year and nineteen days. The skilful and dedicated artist made good use of 75,000 matchsticks to create this awe- inspiring wooden structure. The iconic structure was recreated in this smaller version, which along with wooden matchsticks also employed the talent and hard work of the artist.

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