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Amazing artworks with recycled materials

by DrPrem Jagyasi

The amount of plastic and other waste materials created every year has been increasing at an alarming rate and that is why, every environmental organizations around the world has been trying hard to make people realize the necessity of recycling this environmental hazard we call plastics. On the other hand, some very creative artists try to convey this message to the common masses in a unique way by demonstrating the recycling of junk materials in the most creative way possible:


  • Julia Anne Goodman

Julia Goodman is extremely fascinated by paper recycling and she creates huge and beautiful sculptures purely out of recycled paper. Her artwork, ‘Certain is nothing new’ is entirely made from her local collection of blue junk mail which is sculpted by crushing the junks into pulp and then reformed in the shape of a massive tornado. Truly creative and beautiful, this piece of recycled art has been successful in inspiring many other people to make good use of their junks instead of tossing them in the nearest dumpster only to be added to the ever increasing landfill wastes later.

  • Aurora Robson

If you are looking for some inspiration for using the immense junk of plastic bottles at your home, then look at the works of Aurora Robson. She claims that, through her recycled artworks alone she has prevented almost 30,000 plastic bottles from getting dumped as landfill wastes or in the ocean and also going to the expensive recycling system. Her three-dimensional works with these odd material is very impressive as she masterfully reforms these common and unyielding plastic bottles into beautiful sea-life creatures and many other objects thereby hinting at the need of saving our natural environment. Moreover, besides her three-dimensional artworks, Aurora also creates beautiful collage from her own junk objects.

  • Jill Townsley

Ever thought about what happens to the disposable spoons after we eat with it? Most of the time, they are dumped as plastic wastes and if handled by environment conscious people, they are carried to the recycling plants. However, Jill Townsley had totally another idea in her mind when she used almost 10,000 plastic spoons and too many rubber bands to create a massive pyramid of disposable spoons.

  • Miwa Koizumi

By using trashed water bottles and a heat gun, Miwa Koizumi has created some beautiful sea creatures called PET, which stands for polyethylene terephtahlate. Through her impressive artworks, she also tries to encourage people to take initiatives in stopping the act of dumping countless plastic wastes into the ocean every year.


  • Caroline Saul

Caroline Saul successfully transforms many discarded plastic materials into beautiful artworks by melting them and shaping them in a bulbous form. Her transformation process also changes those hard plastic materials into attractively soft and delicate objects that can easily be mistaken for some expensive showpiece made out of very costly materials.