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Amazing DIY ideas to reuse your old bras creatively

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Recycling is a widely increasing concept because of its extreme need at the hour. Recycling now a day has not remained confined to plastic and household but can be applied to reuse and recycle our personal items.

Here are some amazing ways in which you can reuse and redesign your unloved old and not-in-use bras to give them a complete new look and purpose.


Scented Bra Pouch from Craftbits:

A very useful way to use your old bras is to make useful pouch for your personal inner wears. All you have to do is to just pick up the bras, which you don’t use often, and turned them into sweet little storage pouches for your drawers. This will help you to keep your drawers well cleaned and well managed. And you don’t have to waste time in searching those small things inside your drawers.


Adjustable Bra Strap Bracelet:

An amazingly unique way to recycle and reuse your bra straps is to convert it into an astounding beautiful bracelet that would increase the beauty of your wrist. We can even decorate these bracelets with pearls, beads or even with embroidery. In this way, you will get number of bracelet matching with almost all of your dresses. You can even give these bracelets as gifts to your dear friends.


Upcycled Bra Strap Headband:

Headbands are the accessories most loved by almost all of the girls and are always in fashion. We can easily create our own personalized headbands made from unused bra straps. You can design your own bands by decorating old bra straps with nice fabric in good condition or even with an artificial flower.


Bra to Bathing Suit:

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