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Amazing garden art made from recycled stuff!

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For the past four years, the Pajaro Valley Arts Council and Sierra Azul have been organizing the Sculpture Is: exhibit for spreading a green awareness about the garden art. Now, in its fifth year, the event has grown bigger with the inclusion of some dynamic, recycled sculptures. Created by Aaron Van De Kerckhove and Kirk McNeill for Sculpture Is: 2010, the sculptures: Lookout Tower and Mooring Buoy No. 30 are impressive indeed! The collaborative totems from a third-grade class and pagodas made from recycled machinery don’t fail to impress a discerning eye either.

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Jeff Rosendale, the show curator, says…

Gardens are really meant to have, and in some ways really don’t seem complete to me, without that human element of art. Gardens themselves are a human creation, so the sculptures just add another layer of interest, another dynamic.

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The Lookout Tower is a 18-foot-tall metal sculpture, while Mooring Buoy No. 30 is a 15-by-20 foot, steel and stone work of art. The exhibit is running from June 5 through October 31, 2010.

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Via: Santa Cruz Sentinel

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